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How to prevent micro-channel has been closed?

Wednesday on May 27th, 2020Net Web

Micro-channel was closed, most people do not experience. Yesterday saw a netizen spent eight years of micro-channel was blocked, recourse to redress, so write this article. From about the beginning of June 2018, micro-channel blocking rules strictly a lot. Now what will be sealed under what circumstances?

Why would I know the rules? Because in the past two years I signed up for a lot of micro signal. Then register these numbers really have earnings, on average 100-200 yuan each year a number of benefits, the platform used to read these numbers, but did not last long, it is difficult to do, the platform also all closed, I did not catch a good time.

As the registered number a lot, so I know the rules of the blockade micro letter.

Rule 1: the last two years, micro-channel blockade is automatically blocked. With 8 years of micro-signal mentioned at the beginning it was closed, because yesterday he was using a mobile phone registered double open new micro signal registered, resulting in the old number is implicated.

Block 100?f Rule 2: After registering, click on "Exit", even if it is registered three months of active numbers click on the "Exit" will be closed. So, at any time do not click "Exit."

Especially from the beginning of June 2018, if the micro-channel on a mobile phone click on the "Exit" on this phone number logged in the near future, we will all be blocked.

Prior to this, click on the "Exit" essentially nothing would happen.

The solution: use another phone to log in; or the same phone, first with "green guardian" End Process micro letter, Settings Application in the Android system, find the micro-letters, click on the "Clear data."

Rules blockade high rate of 3: Shortly after registration, log in using the PC version micro letter.

Last year I signed up for a micro signal soon, need to buy things, and a seller, did not want to use their main micro signal. So with a new number, because the computer typing fast, so sign in the PC version, it could have been used normally, block the program from the system micro letter in 2018 after the abnormality determination login.

Why do so many people use the PC version of the Micro Signal login, will not block? Because the numbers are old, may micro-channel blockade program will record some old numbers of points, so the old numbers are not easily blocked.

Mentioned at the beginning of the eight-year old numbers were blocked, indicating that one is unpredictable rules; Second, there are many unreasonable rules, as the rule 3, the normal login will be closed.

Rule 4: Do not use a mobile phone double open, more open. Today, the rules are particularly strict, a cell phone a micro letter, nothing would happen, the same IP hang dozens nothing would happen.

Rule 5: Log in with Andrews simulator micro letter, seal seconds, we all know that this rule has been implemented for many years.

Rule 6: starting from the micro-channel 6.X ~ 7.X, paddle support number. The number of double switch, for micro-channel testing procedures, its rules is likely equivalent to double open, to have registered new cell phone number, just as easily titles, so this number double switch function useless, the solution: a cell phone a micro letter.

In case of important micro signal unfortunately it was closed, reopened only try, you need to use another bank card binding, binding active old phone number of attempts to re-opened. If you can not re-opened, only a trip to the headquarters in Shenzhen, Tencent, because micro-channel customer service phone no. (Tencent headquarters I've been there once beautiful place.)

So strict blockade, China almost exclusively micro letter. Like QQ, and flying letter, each platform account, how to switch will not be closed.

Many people are forced to use micro-channel, such as work reasons, people around contact with a micro-channel; there are children of school parent group is the micro-channel group, this time parents have to use micro letter, I was for this reason began to use micro letter .

Now there are a lot of people had a fresh phase micro-channel, tired, but also a variety of reasons, circle of friends updated less and less.

Phone typing more slowly, use QQ, I still prefer to use QQ.

Appendix 1: Web version of micro-channel may be relatively safe, I registered in 2015 micro-channel main number, the now old number, because the phone typing slow, discussion or need to log in the web version of the micro-letter when important things, yet safe, blockade does not appear.

Appendix 2: After the phone Root, does not lead to micro-channel was closed, Root is a basic phone functions (Root is the administrator privileges). I logged in micro-channel mobile phones Root, and therefore never had been closed.

(For security blog, sorry, comments on this article only discuss the technology.)

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