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No input file specified solutions appear PHP environment

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Net Web

No? Input? File? Specified where this problem occurs, mostly under ISAPI mode in under windowns iis server system. There are two examples solved:

1, where the PHP.INI

doc_root? = "

Commented on it.

2, it was upgraded to version 5.2 php, and will be solved, reads as follows:

Also respond to, the server will now upgrade to PHP 5.2, ZEND 3.2 also replaced, and eAccelerator v0.9.5-rc1 replaced eAccelerator v0.9.5

Now basically no problem emerged. And feeling better social aspects of load point, faster operating speed. (PHP.INI configuration is still the same, nothing changed, MYSQL or with 4.0.26)

Online (on DZ official also) some say PHP5.2 solve the problem of the W3WP wrong. I think I had a problem also because W3WP error caused (the system log also suggested wrong)

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