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Kingsoft WPS Office Pro 2016 v10.8.0.5391 Professional Plus

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Net Web

WPS Office has a low memory footprint, fast, compact, powerful plug-in platform support and other advantages. WPS Office supports desktop and mobile office including WPS text, WPS tables, WPS demo three functional modules, and MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint correspondence, application XML data exchange technology, accessibility and other compatible doc.xls.ppt file format. 1/12 MS only its size, which at the same time continuously optimized, the volume remains less than similar software, a few minutes to download and install, start faster. WPS fully respect the user's choice and preferences, provide a variety of interface switching, accessible user can switch between the new interface and the classic interface, familiar interface, familiar operating practices presentation, users no longer need to learn, allowing users to retain the old long-term accumulation of habits and awareness, at the same time with minimum cost to adapt and learn to accept the new interface and experience. WPS Office 2013 built a new online material library "Gallery", a collection of ten million fine office material, WPS Office to help you become an expert.

WPS Office Pro Plus New Features

1, the new Win8 flat design style

WPS product interface and logo 2013 have adopted the most popular Win8 flat design style, while more than 1,000 function icons have been redrawn, the overall design style to match.

2, four kinds of skin Xpress

WPS 2013 for the user to prepare four sets of skin interface, users can peels the product according to their preferences. WPS prepared two models 2013-style skin is like the early adopters of the users, are fresh and elegant black and blue. 2012 is also ready style and classic-style skin is accustomed to using the old version of the user.

3, more reasonable functional layout

The new version of WPS Given the current computer screen more and more widescreen, especially the highly popular compression tool panel in the interface design, giving the user more room for maneuver. Full use of horizontal space, the wide screen to make better use.

4, fragmentation office

With the development of mobile Internet, the growing diversity office platform, making information office fragmented distribution in computers, mobile phones, flat-panel multi-platform devices. "Light work" as a new component is added to the WPS, will bring great convenience fragmented office integration, users can work by the light of each platform and unified management of office materials call, improve efficiency and document management.

5, circle powerful synergy

Light can work through the circle of document collaboration, users can create their own circle of work according to the project, the project team members pulled into the circle, the circle can be recorded in the discussion document, modify the course, call @ circle and sent to the members of the circle instant message alerts, so you can easily resolve the mail, QQ, discussion groups scattered AC and difficult to unify and organize other issues, but also on the here document creation project file for future viewing.

6, distinguished members enjoy privileges

Light office support users to log in through QQ, microblogging, fast disk, WPS passes and other accounts, light office will enable Member mechanisms in WPS 2013, adding members to enjoy super multi-member super circle, integral Duijiang, customized services and other exclusive privileges .

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