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HyperSnap Super Tips

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Net Web

HyperSnap-DX Super Tips

HyperSnap-DX is a run at MicrosoftWindows screen capture software platform, we can use it easily to any part of the screen, including the activities of the client area, active window, client area, desktop, and crawl down for us use, is indeed a powerful capture software.

1. Save the serial number have the skills

Many friends have encountered the situation License failures: the registration code after a few days Hypersnap-DX will pop up a window prompts invalid registration, re-registration requirements. And even with the original registration code simply fails to register! In fact, as long as we first Hypersnap-DX uninstall, then you can use the original registration code registered a success. Finally, we need to select "Help" "Check for new version" command, and in the pop-up window "automatically check for new versions of the interval" is set to 0 days later there would be no problem.

Further, Hypersnap-DX4.x sequence number stored in the C: ProgramFilesHyperSnap-DX4HprSnap.hs4li file, and is stored in 5.x C: ProgramFiles HyperSnap-DX5HprSnap5.hs5lic file. You just save up those files, and so after reinstalling the software, you can then copy them to complete the registration under the installation folder.

2. crawl along with the cursor

Sometimes in order to get more realistic results, often along with the need to grasp the cursor down together. This time HyperSnap-DX along with the cursor image grab function will have its uses, as long as we choose to "capture" "capture settings" command, open the "Capture Settings" window, select "include cursor pointer" option, click "OK" button to exit the future there will be a lovely lifelike image of a small cursor on the image after capture.

3. Scroll to crawl window

If you want to grab the target screen is too long and can not be displayed on one screen, then a lot of people split screen grab into several files, and then mapping software and put them together. In fact, as long as we choose the "capture" "capture settings" command, select the "Capture" tab and check "window automatically scroll the window to capture" option, then arrested again when those long picture, you'll find fully able to break through the screen HyperSnap and limitations of the scroll bar, to scroll automatically while the side capture, so that you can screen all at once a very long crawl.

4. grab the extended window

With this feature, we can truly "what you see is the prey," that is, the content can be displayed on the screen, "catch the best network." As we browse a Web site, the content displayed in IE than one page, then IE scroll bar will appear on the right side of the window, then could not crawl to scroll the picture below by a general method. As long as we choose "extended active window" under the "Capture" menu command or press Ctrl +

Shift + X keyboard shortcuts to crawl.


extended window to crawl must be running under WindowsXP.

ripping software supports many automatic scrolling function (AutoScrolling), these respective newspapers have also been introduced, but it extended window and crawl there is a certain difference. With an IE window, for example, if we just want to grab part of the region with a scroll bar, you can use the automatic scrolling feature, but if you want to grab the whole window frame (ie, including the title bar, toolbars, and other content ) and together with you scroll all the contents of the article, you must use the extended window crawl function.

must not be crawled window is maximized, or can not be captured.

5. crawl VCD, DVD and DirectX display image

Image VCD, DVD and DirectX display is very special, the use of the PrintScreen key to copy it to the clipboard, and then the program will find it by drawing a red open saved, not crawl. However, select the "capture" "Enable special capture (Directx, Glide, DVD ...)" option, and in the pop-up box, select all options, after just press ScrollLock key to crawl to VCD, DVD or DirectX images.

6. Interface customization whim

The new version of HyperSnap fully integrated toolbars, menus, and together the three floating window, the menu can be turned into a floating window, but also become a floating window toolbar, and converts mutual need only click of the mouse drag. So that we can completely according to their needs to better customize the entire operating range.

7. once to display all of the menu

Meanwhile, in the display style, HyperSnap-DX menu can automatically hide the menu seldom used, is already the best of the essence OfficeXP style. If you want to display a menu of all, one approach is to simply double-click the menu item. Secondly, you can also cancel under the "Options" menu "OfficeXP style" check to cancel this function.

8. Rapid full screen image

HyperSnap to make pictures in full screen, just press Ctrl + PageDown key. And to recover, you can press any key.

9. treat it as an image viewer

HyperSnap-DX can be edited in addition to viewing pictures, you can also use it as an image viewer. Select "File" "Open" command, open an image, then use the shortcut PageUp and PageDown up and down through the picture.

10. The moving image grab

Select the "capture" "capture settings" command, select the "Quick Save" tab, select the relevant option in the Settings box, including the file name of the package and start to terminate name, crawl space in the open "Capture Settings" window time (discontinuous gripping 0) and other parameters, and then the hotkey after gripping the desktop may be operable to grab BMP sequence, and then by ACDSee software RenameSeries function as the save format conforms AnimatorStudio then by AnimatorStudio import these BMP sequences, and then saved as AVI files can crawl dynamic function of.

11. Automatic start HyperSnap

Since HyperSnap is that we often use the crawler, then we have no reason not to let it start automatically with the system. Select "Options" "tray icon and start" command, select the "start automatically with Windows," "always tries to minimize start" in the open "start-up and tray icon" settings window and "minimized, only show tray icon "option, and together select the" click "Close window" [X] does not exit "option button. In this way, HyperSnap-DX will start with the system, and we minimize or close the window, click the button will make HyperSnap-DX is minimized to the system tray, press the hotkey settings to crawl image.

12. Set image resolution

It allows us to set the image resolution HyperSnap-DX: Select "Settings" "Default image resolution" command, set about in the open "image resolution" window "horizontal resolution" and "vertical resolution", and select "capture the screen image as a default value for the future" option, after the resolution of the captured image is the size of our set.

13. tried to grab the piece to catch the piece

Most screenshot of the software can only grasp rectangle, circle, polygon window, but not enough freedom, such as the Internet saw a beautiful picture of the building, just select a part, then the freedom to capture HyperSnap (Freehand) function on comes in handy: click the "capture" "capture freedom", then you can use like a lasso selection tool in Photoshop, as will the need to intercept the part a little bit out of the loop, and then right-click and select "end capture "on it.


Hold down the left mouse button when , will point the way to the track record of the mouse. If the release button in the middle, will be connected in a linear fashion. If you want to grab a regular straight edge graphics, this technique is useful for selecting the selection process.

in HyperSnap screenshot, click and hold the right will pop-up menu, you can complete or cancel the capture, you can switch among various capture mode.

14. Batch fetching image

Previous versions of HyperSnap can only catch one image, captured behind the front cover will automatically capture content, let us inconvenient. But the new version of HyperSnap allows us to batch capture multiple images and automatically name them Snap01, Snap02 ... side arrangement, grasp just how many can be.

However, these files are temporary files, if you will all closed in the case of unedited, and that these files will be automatically removed. So we had better have them automatically stored in the crawl up: Click the "capture" "capture settings", then select the "Quick Save", check "automatically saved to a file each time the captured image", and set and save the file name and path to the starting and ending numbers.

15. profiled one-stop window

Today, the software interface more beautiful to do, plus a lot of software support skinning operation, which would make the window appear grotesque. Sometimes grab this window, along with part will also crawl around down, put that grotesque window from which to pull out, really is a lot of effort. However, simply select the "Capture" "window or control" command, to automatically detect HyperSnap shape of the window, and can be taken in accordance with its actual shape. Figure 3, is the author crawl down Winamp3 peels strange window!


We can also save images to crawl down to support transparent background file formats, such as GIF, PNG and so on. This is useful for making web pages of friends.

16. Pictures to cover their own Seal

Sometimes the need for publicity and would like to add a picture to your label, such as note on the author's name, date of interception, copyright information statement and the like. The new version of HyperSnap to meet our needs:

First open an image, and then select "Image" "watermark" (or watermark tool on the toolbar), the pop-up window, click "New Watermark" command to open the "Edit Watermark" window. In the "Image" tab of import your own cartoon pictures, check the "Use this image watermark", and give a name to this watermark to import cartoon picture as a watermark.


In this tab "from the anthology" can be used to capture the selection tool to select the current picture, without the selection area, for the whole picture.

In the "Text" tab you can also use text as a watermark, but also can set the font, color, arrangement and so on. In addition, the "date", "time", "file", "path" and "user" as the system variables will change depending on changes in the system. Click "Preview" button, you can view your own watermark at any time.

adjust the position of the background, border and text images in the "frame" tab. And transparency of the watermark in the image position in the "arrangement" in.

After the establishment of the watermark, you simply click on the toolbar "Watermark" drop-down button next to the tool, and then choose to make a good watermark it immediately to the current image.

17. Let automatically branded watermark on the image

If you want to automatically branded a watermark to the captured image, select "Image" "watermark" command, then select a watermark, then click the "Edit" command, select the "arrangement" tab, and then check "this watermark is automatically added to all of the captured image" checkbox.

18. custom buttons and menu items

Click on "Show" "Custom" in the "Customize" window, you can drag the button needs to be adjusted to a toolbar, menu, or floating window. At the same time, it can also directly click menu commands, and they can be dragged to any location. In this way, different people can easily have their own personality interface.


This operation OfficeXP the operation is very similar, you can get started quickly.

19. activate shortcuts

In HyperSnap-DX you must first activate the shortcut keys, you can use keyboard shortcuts when capturing images or other objects. Program shortcuts enabled by default, if not activated shortcuts, click "activate the shortcut key" activate the shortcuts in the "Options" menu.

20. Shortcuts Summary

By default shortcuts are defined as follows:

Ctrl + Shift + F: full screen capture.

Ctrl + Shift + V: the interception of virtual desktops.

Ctrl + Shift + W: taken the mouse pointer on the screen window, flashing black rectangle to grab objects.

Ctrl + Shift + R: intercepting a specific region and the mouse becomes "+" cursor drag, press and hold a rectangular frame, where the content will be selected.

Ctrl + Shift + A: interception of the current active window.

Ctrl + Shift + C: interception of the current active window without border.

Ctrl + Shift + P: intercepting area specified last.

F11: Repeat the last interception.

Shift + F11: Stop automatic interception.

ScollLock: interception of the special circumstances of graphics.

F1: Help information.

21. custom shortcuts

Click on "Show" "Custom", click "Keyboard" tab in the "Customize" window, you can assign a shortcut key to any command. We use them more easily.

22. to name a few aides caught

We can use an external program or file is added to the menu bar HyperSnap-DX to. Click the menu "Tools" "customization tools" and click "New", change the name, to "command", enter the full path and file name (of course, you can simply click the "Browse" button on the back of open program). In this way the "Tools" menu to start a multi-command of the corresponding program, click to start the corresponding program, no need to switch to the desktop or the Start menu, to name quite catch some more assistants, which often requires more than for those of us user to switch between the two software, it is very intimate.

23. Let HyperSnap-DX open multiple files

Click the menu "Tools" "customization tools" and click "New", change the name, then click the "Browse" button next to "order" in the browser window, the main types are supported by default EXE, COM, PDF , BAT and other documents. In fact, when you select All Files (*. *), In addition to the folders and shortcuts to other files basically are supported, so you can quickly open other files (such as DOC, TXT files, etc.) in the HyperSnap.

24. pictures to add shadows and borders

Click "Image" "shadow" in the pop-up "shadow" window to adjust the size of the shadow and depth. Click "Image" "frame" image that can add a gray border. At the same time, we should note that, add shadows, add borders is not just effective image, the selected image area can also add borders and shadows. If you hope to each image automatically add these effects, it is in the "shadow" window, check "Automatically add this shadow to capture all" checkbox. When later do not need, then cancel this setting.

25. Batch save the image file

Click the "Window" "Window" command in the pop-up window, you can with the Ctrl, Shift key to select more than one window, then click the "Save" button to save the image batch file, which need to handle a large number of capture files users, particularly useful.

26. The use FTP to upload pictures

Select "File" "upload to FTP server" command, you can upload pictures to an FTP server, easy to share your pictures.

27. The captured image is automatically printed

It can be automatically printed the captured images in HyperSnap-DX. In the "Capture" menu, click "Capture Settings" command, open the "Capture Settings" dialog box, and then click "copy and print" tab, select "Automatically print each captured image" check box, and then click " OK "button, the captured image can be printed automatically.

28. capture images directly into Word file

Select the "capture" "capture settings" command, open the "Capture Settings" dialog box, and then click "copy and print" tab, select "Every time the captured image will be copied to the clipboard" check box, and then select "will each captured image into your" check box, select the Word document window that is currently being edited in its drop-down box under. In HyperSnap-DX in "the captured image directly pasted into the current Word document." This feature is very useful when writing articles, if you need some illustrations capture immediately after you paste it into a Word file edited . Very convenient, unlike in Word is too much trouble, insert a picture every few steps should be good.

29. automatically save the capture file

Select the "capture" "capture settings" command, open the "Capture Settings" dialog box, and then click "Quick Save" tab, select "automatically saves each captured image to a file" check box, the program will capture the images are automatically saved to a folder. Because Windows clipboard can only store one image, only the last one intercepted image will remain in the clipboard. Click the "Change" button to automatically change the path to save the file. Select "Every time capture are prompted for a file name" check box, and then after each capture to be completed prompt you to save the file name.

30. The trimming image and set the size ratio

Select the "capture" "capture settings" command, open the "Capture Settings" dialog box, and then click the "cut and proportion" may be provided or the size of the cropped image area.

31. Use the Image menu

HyperSnap-DX is not just a capture software, but it is also a very good image processing software, it provides a cut in the "Image" menu, change the resolution, scaling, auto-trim, mirror, rotate, crop, mosaics, reliefs and sharp functions.

32. Using Color Menu

It provides many useful features in comparison HyperSnap -DX "Color" menu, such as gray, color statistics, reverse color and brightness. The "statistical Color" command can count the number of colors in an image. The "gray" command, you can put color images into grayscale images. Saturation of the image can be adjusted by "saturation" command, to obtain a clearer image.

33. Registered File Types

In the "Options" menu, click "registered file type" command, open the "Registered File Types" dialog box (Figure 28), select the file type to use HyperSnap-DX opened in the dialog box. HyperSnap-DX provides eight types of image formats, select its picture format, the subsequent use of the picture, HyperSnap-DX as the default viewer. If you want to open each file in the same window, select the "Open each file in the same window", otherwise select "Use the new window to open a new file." And finally click "OK" button, the registered file types into force. Registered a picture of the type, in the "Explorer" in the direct double-click the image file, you can browse.

34. Add text on the captured image

Sometimes you need to add on to capture images of some explanatory text, HyperSnap-DX also provides this function: crawl image, click on uppercase letter A on the left Drawing toolbar, drag the mouse over the image, select the appropriate rectangular area, and then release the mouse button, the text tool dialog box, enter text. Then click "Font / Color" button in the "Text tool" dialog box you can set the font color and font style. Similarly, in HyperSnap -DX also provides text left, center and right alignment, which operate with the same operation in Word.


If you do not see the Toolbar, you can display the next menu, click "Drawing toolbar" to display the drawing toolbox on HyperSnap-DX window.

Enter text in the "Text tool" dialog box does not close the dialog box, place the cursor on the text you have entered the picture, and then use the mouse to move the text box to enter text can be adjusted to a most appropriate location.

35. The image is obtained directly from the external device

"File" "get" command to get an image directly from a scanner or digital camera.

36. converting file formats

First open an image file, select "File" "Save As" command to convert the file to open another file format.

37. The photo to the Wallpaper

Select "File" "Open" command to open a picture, then select "File" "Set as Wallpaper" command, open the "Set as wallpaper" dialog box in which you can select an image displayed on the desktop, if you want center the image displayed on the desktop, then click the "center" button. If you are not satisfied with the wallpaper set, you can click "Remove Wallpaper" button to set the wallpaper removed. By this method, we can put the game in relatively cool down the direct control screen wallpaper to the desktop, it just works.

38. Capture HyperSnap-DX itself

After HyperSnap-DX Although other software can capture the screen, but can not extract itself, as it intercepts when all the hide itself, to intercept other software, it hides itself, it will not catch up. It is to be taken, first, while the method of opening two windows, and a window to another window using capture. Deactivate the shortcuts are not captured in the window when using keyboard shortcuts, while the other is activated shortcuts.

Method two is to use the shortcut key "PrintScreenSysRq" can be window are now active interception down, which also includes its own, this may be the interception of its own unique way, but this shortcut has many benefits, the picture in any of its activities are can timely interception down, it is convenient to use and more.

39. The multi-level menu Capture

In some special cases need to capture multi-level menus, too compare the original capture method is to use keyboard shortcuts "PrintScreen" will capture the entire screen to the clipboard are, then do some manual editing. Such use is too much trouble, but in the HyperSnap-DX provides direct capture multi-level menus. The default shortcut keys multi-level menu capture is "Ctrl + Shift + M", let's Winamp to capture multi-level menu as an example to illustrate how to capture the multi-level menu. Run HyperSnap-DX, select "Activate shortcuts" command on the Options menu, and then minimize the program HyperSnap-DX. Expand multi-level window in the Winamp window to the lowest level in the menu, then press the shortcut key "Ctrl + Shift + M", use the mouse to click on the first level menu, then click the second level menu, and then click the last level menu, then click the Enter key, it will capture the image down.

40. Note that the enlarged image point

HyperSnap-DX Although the image can zoom, but it does not have auto-fill feature, when the image to enlarge more than 200?it will have significant distortion, suggest that you do not over-use zoom function, of course, reduce the image is not a problem .

41. Crawl grayscale

Generally, we are crawling capture true color images, but many newspapers and magazines used in the layout is grayscale, after HyperSnap caught in the map, before save, pay attention to choose what "color" "gray" command the current picture can be converted to grayscale, then you can save.


Of course, if you need true color picture editor clearly defined, it can never transformed.

HyperSnap-DX capture four skills

First, grab the scroll window

In the capture process, often encounter some special cases, such as: to grab more than one picture screen, in this case the Print Screen key is powerless, so we have to capture the aid of specialized software, use HyperSnap -DX crawl scrolling window function can be easily completed. Click "Capture Capture Settings" to open the capture settings window, check the "window automatically scroll the window to capture" and set the refresh time can automatically scroll (Fig. 1) in the "capture" option. At this time, the vertical scroll bar to place you want to start automatic scrolling crawl position, press the window to capture hotkey Ctrl + Alt + W, then click the left mouse button in the window, the screen moves down and automatically capture images.

figure 1

Second, capture during handover corner shape

By default, the DX-capture area shapes set for HyperSnap rectangular, may "capture region disposed capture capturing mode setting area" in the adjustment, and sometimes the capture range is not limited to rectangle, so, in the capture process, we can make flexible use HyperSnap-DX provides a hotkey to quickly switch S area corners crawl shape. First press region capture Ctrl + Alt + R hotkey is selected, the left mouse button to select the starting point of the capture region, moving the mouse to select the capture region, In this case, press the switch S to capture the shape of the corner region (eg: rectangular, circular, oval, etc.).

Third, quickly captured image collages together

By default, HyperSnap-DX for each captured image creates a new window, but sometimes we need to grab a few pictures together such an image, so if you want to merge images, you must switch window using copy and paste the key operation may be repeated. In fact, when put together this type of image, you can set "each newly captured images are pasted to the current image," click "Capture Capture Settings" to open the "Capture Settings" window, in the "View and Edit" tab can be set, if necessary, be extended space drawing (FIG. 2).

figure 2

Fourth, the custom file name and save the image fast

The captured image can be carried out by setting HyperSnap-DX's "Capture Settings" option to quickly save, then click "Capture Settings Capture fast saves" check "automatically saved to a file each time the captured image", usually save in the case of the X: Program FilesHyperSnap-DX directory. In the rapid image saving, we also can customize the file name, click on "change" button, set the file name, and check the "File Name Order Ascending Order" check box (Figure 3). In this way, after the interception of the image will be automatically saved to user-defined file name.

image 3

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