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win10 LAN Printer Sharing and Security policy prevents unauthenticated guest access methods to relieve

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Net Web


LAN sharing different systems has always been a bad problem to solve, win10 encountered today win7 shared access problem is to solve the "security policy prevents unauthenticated guest access" issue.

A few days ago his office computer system installed win10 ltsc? System, this system is a streamlined version of Microsoft's official. But several other office computer system is win7, but we all share a printer, it must involve win7 win10 LAN to share.

During the operation, can not be found from the network (My Network Places) and win10 hair win7 computers have found each other, so I went straight "movement" "\\ 192.168.XX", normally this method have? Computer can see each other sharing things. The results appear "You can not access this shared folder, because your organization's security policies to prevent unauthenticated guest access."


Press the key input window + R gpedit.msc to start the local Group Policy Editor. In order to find the "Computer Configuration - Administrative Templates - Network -Lanman workstation," this node, you can see "Enable unsafe guest login" This is a policy setting in the right side of the content area. The state is "not configured."

Double-click the "Enable unsafe guest login" This is a policy setting, its status changed to "Enabled" and click the OK button.

Again try to access the complete set can be found in a normal visit.

After the "Enable unsafe guest logon" policy is turned on, you can find a shared printer and file of the other computer. This time we will be able to install the other side of the shared printer.

Friendly reminder: win10 connection win7 shared printer in the control panel, you can not find something win7 shared within the network, can only be resolved by running the other party IP, do not know if I setup problems. Another point is puzzling want to access the other side, the other side should be open guest access is ah, how to open it themselves?

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