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Notepad ++ How to change the background color (for example to protect the color vision)

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Net Web

Nowadays, more and more people are using various types of software, and people's eyesight is getting low. Slowly people are aware of this situation, start looking for a solution. One solution is to set the software to protect the background color vision. Here we introduce Notepad ++ If you change the background of the method. The figure is the way to change the background color.

Open Notepad ++ software, pictures, now the default style. Sidebar gray and white background.

Click on the menu bar, select [Settings] formatting language, set the bomb box will pop up.

Look at, select the theme, whether correspondence on the subject of the picture. After confirming the same, click the background color (the box) and then click on More Colors

In the dialog box color, hue 80 are provided, 97 saturation, brightness 205, and added to the custom color.

The reason to choose to use the global background color [because] we set the background color is for the global default Notepad ++ is a set of separate, each has a corresponding set.

Note: Set the background color of what under normal circumstances, we will go to view what the results of this is in the language, you have to pay special attention to the next!

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