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WEB fantasy Aden hang javascrip Code

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Net Web

This time playing on the WEB fantasy, and occasionally indulge yourself under. Aden map is not hanging up, the following code is entered directly into the address bar, enter on OK.

javascript: function run () {parent.date_chkaden ( "aden", 0, "78", 0); gogo = setTimeout ( "run ()", 13000); if (parent.wog_view.document.forms [0]. f.value == "event") {clearTimeout (gogo); alert ( "jet extravagant rein")};}; run ();

First Aden four graphs, and enter this string in the above web address bar and press Enter on the line?

FIG three, then put into 74 75

Two 73

FIG 72 a

And so on

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