ShuDudu's Home was started in 2011, but the web data is lost, so now begin again, I would like to make some friends, I hope you like ShuDudu's home.
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LifeChanged a battery

Sunday on November 29th, 20204001 viewsRead more

LifeExchange pieces

Sunday on November 29th, 20203999 viewsRead more

Net WebTo change this blue screen charm

Saturday on September 26th, 20203999 viewsRead more

Net WebDream to be a boy, are you

Monday on August 10th, 20204000 viewsRead more

LifeThe first three years of life 4

Saturday on May 30th, 20204007 viewsRead more

LifeBuick Hideo change the radio home (1)

Wednesday on May 20th, 20204015 viewsRead more

OtherTry to change

Monday on April 27th, 20204001 viewsRead more

LifeBuick Hideo change radio home (3)

Tuesday on April 7th, 20203997 viewsRead more

LifeGood mood

Sunday on April 5th, 20204003 viewsRead more

LifeRead microblogging change everything

Wednesday on March 11th, 20204013 viewsRead more

LifeGradually change of weather, I feel the chill

Saturday on February 22nd, 20204000 viewsRead more

LifeThe last day of 2005

Saturday on December 31st, 20053873 viewsRead more

LifeMaintain the chastity of web designers

Monday on December 19th, 20053873 viewsRead more