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Buick Hideo change the radio home (1)

Wednesday on May 20th, 2020Life

Recently a pair of powered speakers 2.0 given away, and thus make room next to the TV, going to put a radio, I thought the car machine, the machine type of car is really good cheap ah, like picking up trash in general, but also the way something on hand to spend, the car machine does not function CD, only radio, music Bluetooth, USB, AUX. Bluetooth connection is simple, the key there is background light, do not need a decoder, these two points than Bin Chi XRV the CD player is better.

Only one coaxial speakers on hand, think good enough for listening to the radio, temporarily use the bar, box with a spare box, hand-dug hole, with hot melt adhesive stick.


Red (12V positive electrode) and the orange line (small light line) plus a switch, the yellow line uninterruptible power remains, so that the machine has a memory function. Vehicle computer wiring methods are basically the same.

White: left front speaker positive, black and white: front left speaker negative. Gray: positive right front speaker, dark gray: the right front speaker negative. Green: the left rear speaker positive, green and black: negative left rear speaker. Purple: the right rear speaker positive Zihei: right rear speaker negative.

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