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Pentium currents

Wednesday on May 20th, 2020Life

Job, five days short of three months, I did not expect to be able to persist for so long (for me quite a long time), though my mind has been thinking about wandering, but my feet did not move, yet the share touched, makes me hesitate to embark on a road of no return, everyone has their own fetters, but life is fair, you chose this, that means you have to give up, in fact I like wandering the job, the same day do not know what is going to happen, similar to daily contact with different people, different situations to deal with, the same is not the destination of the journey, there is no power like sitting in a boat, in on the vast sea, not docked, aimless wandering. Please, I really can not do on the Internet and people say every day how to cook eggs!

Emotion is the Pentium currents, no matter how you come down, feeling that things always go hand in hand, I find that I am a very easy person sad, since R sister left, I had a long time is difficult to adapt, of course, she was soaring , would like to congratulate, but I do not like a person waves, and I hope that life can be calm, not change, but it is impossible for anyone not obliged to always appear in your world, you have to do is to adapt adapt to adapt again, work is work, it's not your life, I know the truth!

I am a very insecure person, for a stranger I am very willing to accept, but I do not want anyone to go to, respectively, I am familiar with, when you get used to people and form a kind of tacit understanding, and suddenly this understanding is broken, and you become very isolated so helpless, I do not know how to deal with people around is very calm and composed in such a relationship, I think they even have a little bit cold, perhaps they are very mature, maybe I'm innocent! But I am, I have plenty of emotion, I would have to give up, I will miss.

R big sister around I was two years old, very capable business, are also considered very strong, eloquent, for me is good, a lot of simple things to assign me to do, I did not say how, taught me a lot of! Tonight we went to dinner, and a meal on the comparison, already has changed a lot, and there is no R sister, again two newcomers, Homeward Bound, life is nothing more than so ah!

But when I know L sister may have to go, I can not control my emotions to for so long, I found myself really depend on L sister, even I feel a sense of security, I used to not know What immediately ask her, I arranged for her to get used to any of my task, I used to her quarrel with others when the share of calm, I'm used to her pace and tone, in short, I am used to.

I can not imagine life without her here would be like, I came here from the beginning, I got used to her presence, used to stand beside her to see her work, she began to me very harsh, arranged for me to do a lot of thing, but then I found only she did not think of me as transparent, and only she makes me feel like I'm doing some meaning, she sometimes a little two, but very cute! Later, she was very nice to me, gave me a lot of free time, I am very grateful to her, and she also R LH knew I would not be here for a long time, and know that I will go anyway, here is one of my port, dock their boats here, and so waves flat, and I will set sail!

On the way back, I think a lot, I think this day will be very important in my life for a memory, there is joy, there is pain, there is loneliness, there are crazy, as well as frustration and sadness, perhaps I can not my favorites emotion, like the Pentium currents, these things always touch my heart, so I can not get a long time, I was too immature, I was emotional loser, I'm someone else loser, I'm my own loser!

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