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50 years ago, old photos of my hometown

Sunday on March 15th, 2020Life

I downloaded to my hometown 50 years ago elongated push-broom satellite photos.

(A) 1965 and 1968 our village and the neighboring village

1 taken on August 23, 1965. North on south, there is a certain angle.

Figure 2 taken on November 11, 1968. North on south, there is a certain angle.

Different camera angles more than two photos, so it looks like the proportion of different. By contrast, the clearer the image below. Since that time black and white photography, green pine forest resulted in a piece of black photo.

In both graphs, the bottom right is our village, at the top left is the next village. A few years ago, the state requires to streamline basic administrative units, so the relationship between two administrative villages have been merged by a village leader.

At that time the village not so many people. My grandparents in 1960, from Shandong somewhere and moved here because of hunger, has since become the people here, until my grandfather died here in 2017, buried in the ashes of another home.

At that time, almost all people are two rooms, one of which is an outhouse and kitchen, sleeping inside the house. The house has a north-south direction kang. If the son married, the parents and the son and daughter live in the same room two kang, the middle hung a curtain to prevent embarrassment. Of course, some people may be married before his son alone to build a house or buy another house to live alone; or their own parents moved out to build a house or buy other houses, the original house give son and daughter live alone.

In 1960, a village in the middle of our two thatched cottage (the lower house and now I have my family), I father was born. I have my family in that position, just before a thatched cottage, which is only a house. In 1967, my grandparents home in a mountain location of housing built, also two rooms, located down the mountain a second house. The lower house of the countryside is a young cover two rooms. However, from these two photos above our village, the house is not my home.

I do not know if you have seen, in some places very empty shadows. That is not a house, a pile of firewood.

From two pictures, you can see there are a few big spots. Then 8-year-old father, now this position lacks a few memories. A place where he inquired about the old man, the original, there is at the foot of a mountain is a frog pond, 1962 photograph you can see a white spot, but you can see from this picture in 1965, when floods, not only is this frog pond flooded, but water area is much larger than the frog pond; there are two spots on the right side of the road are two big dunghill dunghill owner was among the grass next to a single room households, surnamed Zhu. Now the surname Zhu's descendants lived still here, but dunghill long gone.

As it can be seen from Figure 2, not only the above mentioned frog pond was filled with the flood, but also elsewhere, where some places are arable land, in some places the mountain.

(B) In 1965 and 1968 the commune

Figure 3 taken on August 23, 1965. North on south, there is a certain angle.

Figure 4 shooting on November 11, 1968. North on south, there is a certain angle.

Photo far left, most to the east, there is a large building. This is the national grain depot commune belongs. The grain also wine, is said to require workers to buy wine this trust relationship between grain brew. Until I was a kid, countries also require an annual household food must be sold to specify the weight of the grain, therefore, a particular day every year, from the granary door out, tricycles, tractors, horse-drawn carriage (by the horses, donkeys, cows, mules, etc. animal-powered vehicles), etc., can line up rows of a few kilometers.

My uncle in the 1980s secondary school reading, reading in the provincial capital of grain school. At that time, as well as telecommunications school, my mother's cousin is a reading of telecommunications school, after graduation, assigned to the commune post office, is now our village post office director. However, at that time, women graduated from the School of Posts and Telecommunications, will enter the post office for internal work. However, men from the telecommunications school graduation, only postal riding bikes, braved the bitter cold and scorching heat, messengers everywhere. So read my uncle's school food. After graduating from the school of grain, grain storage work assigned to the commune.

The granary, who is very good for the treatment of employees. At the end of welfare, two people a pig, but also brought a lot of fish, chicken, etc., keep eating my grandmother May not finish. However, things are impermanent, that are constantly changing.

1990s, grain storage requirements by country closed down, it seems to be the uncle to receive compensation of $ 10,000 laid off. At that time state-owned enterprises are in the closures. Due to poor physical condition uncle, so work everywhere but can not do heavy manual labor, there are now some small private grain storage, uncle went to this place to work. However, too much liquidity, these small grain often collapse, uncle in constant among the unemployed. All the collapse of the granary was often by private contractors, but they soon collapse. Because the state grain purchase price control is very tight, trying to sell food prices slightly higher a little bit is not possible, these bosses earn money. I have been reminded of a popular doggerel:

Grain minutes were ticking up, fertilizer rose one hundred to one hundred, one thousand to one thousand plastic sheeting up, agricultural eleven thousand Wan to rise.

County government at this time is not in our commune. Since that time there are special areas particularly large an area is our county. City then we have not yet set up, there is only one city, and later after the city was founded, our county planning to go from 80?f the area for the municipal districts, some of which were urban construction, as part of the rural municipal districts jurisdiction. Location of county government before, is now a municipal districts of the region, after 1972, we moved to the commune, in 1975 and moved out.

At that time, the county junior high school has not been established. It seems to be commenced in 1968.

West of the river, are still, however, the water is not so much the past, pesticide and water often, which makes the river did not fish.

In 1962, we This is a good year. In 1965, we have this flood, flood every year thereafter, especially 1967 quite serious.

(C) the secretary of the commune and the commune of several factories

We were here in our village and the neighboring villages are vested commune management, is organized as a team, our village is eight teams. There are also other nearby villages were incorporated into team, are directly under the commune. At that time the secretary of the commune, I was too grandfather. He was my mother's grandfather, but not pro-grandfather, my mother's pro-grandfather died in 1958, was 56 years old, has died just 60 years. The mother's grandfather, she is called "Jiuye." My grandfather never read the book too, but people are very talented, 17-year-old when he served as the commune cadres, 21-year-old was promoted to commune secretary, 3, Figure 4 is a top view of the local commune resident.

Prior to 1960, due to the "natural disaster", leading to a lot of people starved to death. Starve our people mainly children and the elderly, and in some places even more serious. My grandparents moved to allow the registration of a relatively better place in Shandong county, local government departments, my grandparents also signed up. In 1960, our commune receives each of these victims, have sent representatives to the county in Shandong Province conducted policy propaganda, and personally pick them up from Shandong. At that time the policy is mainly, by population migration victims receive a living allowance, including money, pots and pans, chopsticks, etc., which need to personally accountable to no culture of victims, requires a certain eloquence, and let not understand Mandarin victims to understand this policy.

Commune, commune opened a farm machinery factory, clothing factory, brick factory, brewery, pharmaceutical gun (the first four factories can be seen in the above figures, the fifth did not cut into the figure), the production of the corresponding products, their income is used to commune staff payroll, and other expenses for the communes. At that time too grandfather served as director of agricultural machinery plant. Under his leadership, agricultural machinery plant is very profitable. Hua Guofeng to abdicate, after Dengmou came to power, reform and opening up, the commune factory run by an individual contract, the contractor will own too grandfather agricultural machinery plant, the first year of the contract would net profit of 20 million. At that time 20 million, according to the naked eye on inflation, approximately equivalent to the current 30 million.

Production team period, if the good years, each work points can change money more or less. Mother speaking, when the production team work, each work points can change from 3.5 to 5 cents. When the family to receive food (sweet potato and potato free, other food fees), withholding some money; even buckle electricity, then there is no meter, it is calculated based on home appliances, light bulbs is calculated based on the wattage, some of the money deducted . Finally, the annual expenditure of time (sometimes years is not good, not spending), my grandma house family eight people work in the production team, spending most of the time, a year's time, the whole family earned a total of 50 dollars. In 1983, the disintegration of the production team the year before, only this year, each work points dime. Enough to see, then worth $ 200,000.

Did not last long, this time, too grandpa check out liver cancer, underwent surgery, six months after the death, at the age of 59 years (nominal age). After you check out liver cancer in too grandfather, agricultural machinery plant was taken over by his eldest son, although the money, but operate from bad to worse, and later closed down, and soon was removed. This location is now a cornfield, for there is a large township set up a stall. Clothing factory where the land was bought by a triad, which was demolished in 2007, then built a commercial building. Brick factory contracted by individuals, with the national policy prohibits the introduction of the production of red brick, the brick factory closed down immediately, the plant is still there. Winery in the past, a great reputation, wine and grain tied together and drive in Beijing are famous, although it is no longer known, but the winery is still there. Later gun pharmaceutical companies closed down, and now the location of the warehouse still, plant the former boss of agricultural machinery plant (that is, I was too grandfather's eldest son) built a chicken house down.

(D) old house

From the picture, clarity can not make you see what kind of house. In fact, when a house, some people live in two, some people are one, are thatched cottage.

In the year before I was born, that is, in 1989, people began to have to change the tile-roofed thatched cottage. When I was little, thatched cottage village there, then I grew up, thatched cottage basically disappeared. Today is also the thatched cottage, is uninhabited, and either the owner built a new house, or is the owner moved out, or is the owner died.

How grass thatched cottage weave?

My mother told me that my grandmother in the village, above the grass thatched cottage, is tied into bundles of straw, thrown on top of the house, and then tied the.

After his mother married into our village, the village people to help fight the mother straws son. The mother said she would not fight straws son, the village people say how to do that roof? It turned out that time our village was hit artificial straw mat child, then the child straws cover the roof. The thickness of this kind of straws is significantly lower than the sub-sub-bale, so often leaks rainy matter.

Due to wind and rain, straw will become worse, so every few years will be trimmed back the roof of grass. Later, Watts appeared, since the late 1980s, probably after the year 1989, people began to gradually have replaced the grass roof tile.

In the 1990s, it began to appear bungalow. Cottage roof requires the use of felt paper waterproofed, need of fire, the liquid material poured in the roof, after drying. However, due to felt paper after wind and sun get worse, so after this water, about 10 years over the roof will leak, gradually increased.

A few years ago it became popular steel tile, steel tile general quality of seventy to eighty dollars per square meter, usually three people per room roof is less than four thousand dollars, less than the cost of felt paper waterproof layer, and more durable. So we have this quite a lot of people have to spend in the steel tile roof. Steel tile come from? Sometimes the village would come in a passing car, the player with the Megaphone:. "Sell steel tile, have a look, please come out to buy steel tile of" hands they have the appropriate equipment, you want your money, they are all you make things right. Our village was also selling steel tile, and provide installation services. For the new house, then install steel tile directly on the roof, the felt paper is no longer used. Not only is the cottage you can use steel tile, A-shaped roof is also available. Because of this, and now look at our village with google earth (Note: the high moral map satellite map incomplete, there are quite a lot of places do not have satellite map, like China Unicom in quite a few places are not 3G and 4G signal, as is required use google earth to see), red and blue everywhere.

However, A-shaped roof in recent years began to pop up. A tile-roofed house seems to be shaped - shaped tile-roofed bungalow -A evolution. There are still sold tile, tile exterior looks but looked better, even reddish-brown tile, the tile is quite expensive, very few people can afford a home.

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