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I want to study! !

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Life

Now has over 33, he feels his low level of literature, so now always want to force myself to do some reading to do! But what to read is very confused, now restless mind what to read lengthy masterpiece. Apart from online around bored, find some very good reading to share with others, or others can read to you! For example, we can talk about what the thinking Luo Ji Luo Zhenyu doing very good program, and I mostly listen to Luo fat program while driving in the car put MP3. Another network called people do understand understand, understand understand now switch to write the log, he is also a mess of what is written, but although you can also know from experience some philosophy. In addition, I discovered a few years ago, but the left bank not to pay attention reading blog! These are very good!

For us like restless heart to read, you can listen to others reading! Netease can go look for things you want to learn the open class!

O, and write them today! Went to eat!

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