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Young married woman chatting and eating string of time

Thursday on February 6th, 2020Life

Yesterday young married woman back, did not bring the little guy, a rare two of the world, we work early, tidy, and young married woman to go home with the pressure of the road.

Walk out on what was almost dark, to discuss a whole, simply eat outside, since when they have children, no two people alone for a long time to eat. The election to choose to go, eat a string of five areas of Steel Plant, the Tinghuo with us, and everywhere that we are also the main love spicy food.

During the dinner, we talked in the past, talk current situation, talk about the future also, of course, there are some life gossip. Lamented wasted time in nine years the time off really fast also, from time student "playing friends" to have a child now, or not always such a waste of youth.

Speaking of the status quo, we are quite satisfied, that is, at this stage of disposable money just does not, ha ha, who would not Xianqian more than estimated. After chatting planning to get married yesterday, although a lot of things planned to slower than some, but also in the realization, that's enough proud of, not in vain when we careful planning life.

Speaking also some regret, Dad's death is one of the biggest regret, the father remembered that you bought a house in town, I was in the family planted a la carte, nothing hit play cards, like you, on and your mother, grandmother drove down for two nights. Now this is not possible, and is willing to heaven without pain, I would like to be able to work out as soon as possible cure for cancer!

Almost finished, just remember to take pictures, just give me two bars.

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