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Protection switch action notebook drive channel position of drive plate

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Life

Unit notebook too old, there are cards for everyday office. Will be in line to buy a 120G SSD solid state hard drive to install the mechanical hard drive in the original position, the mechanical hard drive installed in the drive position, the drive laid off. Disassemble, installed start as usual, is stuck to reboot or shutdown. Various methods used to toss one day, for the stent, for mechanical hard drive. It was discovered that light on an empty stand, starting PE can not restart or shut down, the problem remains for a stent.

Finally, Baidu only to see there was a big God also appeared in such a situation, he saw a mount interface that has a switch, put switch gears a tune so normal. At that time I said that the great God really bold, without knowing all tamper switch roles. But no way, I can boldly for a while, to the tune of a switch gear, the result ....... really normal.

Available today at Baidu, we know that switch a path protection switching, to know his role.

Channel protection switch is a specially designed circuit protection:

1, after solving some computers can not recognize the hard disk sleep, stuck or slow,

2, to solve some of the computer will not shut down or shut down UPS normal,

3, to solve some of the machines is too high CPU usage,

[Notes] 1 part of the computer circuit design of individual models may be different, with the channel bracket using a switching function may solve some incompatibility.

[Note 2] In the case of normal, without moving to the protection switch.

[Note 3] When the optical drive plus a good hard drive bays, notebook abnormal, you can go to the adjustment to the path protection switch to try, such as channel switch does not solve the above problems, you may need to upgrade your machine to update the BIOS and try again.

[Note 4] Although each of the word channel is called channel switching switch, in fact, it has in itself does not mean that the function on and off, it is only used to adjust the compatibility.

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