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Changsha Huayi Brothers movie town day trips

Thursday on February 13th, 2020Life

It dragged on for a long time of travel, and today finally meet you. The following multi-map warning, recommendation under WIFI browsing environment.

May 10, sunny weather was good, the school organized two classes to Changsha Huayi Brothers movie tour the town to carry out the research study, so there is this blog the first to travel.

Take a morning tour bus from the school, nearly two-hour drive, the car because some students singing add to the fun, and not so boring, even though many people are playing down the phone. There are two so-called instructors, it was to take us to expand training, strengthening solidarity among the students.

We arrived there, the sun is very drying. At the door I saw a lot of European-style buildings.

After arriving took a group photo, Guess what? (Can Tucao vest upon us, the instructors said that in order to facilitate the management, air defense lost good looking, I think is to advertise, behind the clothes that says XX Outdoor Training Camp)

We went to a do not know what the name of the cathedral. To really have a sense of European Gothic architecture, tall bell tower, the church, there is a wide variety of church frescoes.

Because it is the organization of the school, learned before going to lunch is a uniform payment of lunch, but really eat, too lose. 35 yuan, a lunch, two vegetables, sour beans fried chicken, fried cabbage. This 35 yuan to the area in the restaurant to eat than it cost-effective.

The first place to go is "decryption Da Vinci", a secret room puzzle game, can not take pictures, so there is no photo. Saw my picture painted in the face, we have a few people along for the ride drew.

The most interesting is "roaming Italian" inside the VR program, with the VR device to see the haunted house, the scene realistic, immersive sense, from start to finish I have been screaming, too scary. VR project was very attractive, men and women have, should line up row over twenty minutes.

See a bookstore in the area, called "Hiromichi bookstore," there are so my favorite flavor.

So I am very headache is a mirror maze, which is full of mirrors, relying on the hands and Pathfinder stick groping forward, really afraid to get out. My classmates told me to go to his, saw in front of me, ran straight, hit his head in the ...... that they had left.

Forced to time reasons, there are a lot of projects in the town did not experience, not a lot of attractions to visit, going back to school. Speaking of a little dissatisfied, 248 yuan, said a good day trip, the result of nearly ten o'clock in the morning arrival, half past three pm ready to return to school collection, which is a day trip?

Look at pictures.

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