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Zebra Project: Reflections on marginalized youth

Thursday on February 13th, 2020Life

December 2017, in La Paz, Bolivia's third largest city, 265 young people participated in a project called "zebra" and so-called zebra project that plays a social responsibility clown to form zebra clothing, occurred during the morning and evening rush hour, a reasonable guide people to travel safely.

The event sponsored by the government, designed to focus on social innovation edge of the city's youth, and marginalized youth refers to young families broken or economic distress. From an educational point of view, the municipal government of bold innovation, innovative new type of education, and actively guide young people to learn from this job to a "soft" skills, such as getting to work on time and learning through the streets with colorful characters conversation, but also learn how to communicate with others complex.

From a management perspective, the city government equally bold innovation, innovation of new management methods, in the face morning and evening rush hours, heavy traffic, zebra pedestrian crossing the crosswalk guide, will dance; see the red light when the driver tried immediately He came up with a funny bizarre behavior in a timely manner to discourage, and make reasonable legal education.

Zebra those young people project will slide into the margins of society brought on strong public positions, every month there are 688 bolivianos (US $ 100) allowance, in a public survey, 80?f people say If there is no zebra, La Paz vehicle and pedestrian travel situation will be even worse, zebra project is a love of education. With the rapid development of modern economy, how to deal with an increase in the vehicle, chaotic traffic and other issues, Bolivia gave us a good reference, but we also should be concerned about our country there are a lot of marginalized youth, talk about marginalized youth, I I think of "late article - deft and other app go from here? Those deft self-flagellation juvenile "in. Now marginalized youth, mostly in rural areas, parents often lack rational management and family education, vulnerable to the influence of others, then there due to family economic reasons, can not get a good education, too early into the community, became the so-called at-risk youth . Not to mention the rise in recent years webcast of the industry, including many young people, including marginalized youth, embarked on a webcast road to win the public's eye, to obtain a high degree of concern, naturally there will be a quick video hands of disgusting.

I think, for two reasons young people at present. Primary education, economic times. National authorities should be increased efforts to popularize education, rural education levels for the city to catch up with the level of education, while universal access to knowledge, do not forget to educate people, the light has to improve the inculcation of knowledge without quality is not enough . For those who have not received education, the implementation of a viable "re-education" is necessary, aimed at improving the quality, learn survival skills. Economic aspects, persist in taking economic construction as the center, to promote the common development of the city and the village economy, narrow the gap between urban and rural areas, so that rural people have the ability to give their children a good education and a good life, a good future.

Hope that one day, no more "marginalized youth" of the term shortly after. The equality of all ordinary youth.

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