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Corporal punishment, how do you see?

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Life


Corporal punishment, a very familiar word. Personally I think that corporal punishment can play a proper role in education. But now with a fine student stations are violations. Sticks under the dutiful son, millennium old saying.

Recently time, our county to carry out "the field of education among the masses strongly highlight the special governance issues", prices, market Quality Supervision Bureau, Commission for Discipline Inspection, etc. departments to establish joint teams to carry out checks on each school. Paid tutor, arbitrary charges, student meals, etc. are within the scope of inspection. This brings us to check a teacher of the school a few months before corporal punishment on students to do re-raised.

A few months ago, was a student teacher corporal punishment, ass appeared bruised. Parents find the school after the discovery, the parties teacher apologized to the parents, but the parents has requested financial compensation. You can guess how much money to compensate the parents, one hundred thousand. Of course the parties do not agree with the teacher, so parents use local online media for all kinds of publicity, said that corporal punishment was the child's teacher incontinence, trance. To the county People's Hospital did not identify the problems and went to the provincial people's hospital examination did not found the problem. How it can identify the problems, there is no problem.

Originally a small event on the network a negative impact on the big hype, so the school can also order the parties to teachers and parents to consult again the Trustee, the end result is concerned teacher compensation for the parents to go to the hospital to check everything Calvary after spending nearly 10,000 yuan, while paid 40,000 dollars to parents and child mental damages. The special inspection, Commission for Discipline Inspection revisit the matter once again, for the parties teachers were punished.

On this matter, the parties teacher corporal punishment on students moral wrong earlier (corporal punishment too heavy), but parents has seized on the issue in order to blackmail to achieve the purpose for money. Now do not say it, it would Dangdang corporal punishment, do you think appropriate corporal punishment necessary?

"Sticks out under the dutiful son," thousands of years of Chinese old saying. In fact, this is to tell you that the appropriate punishment is necessary. Personally I think appropriate corporal punishment is necessary. Note that I say is appropriate, this time using the word discipline should be more suitable.

From my time from nearly two decades of teaching, in fact, some children can hear you reason to listen to you, but some children by talking about does not work, discipline can play a role. But today's kids not to play, after playing parents to tour and you desperately.

My own son, fourth grade now, I will sometimes make mistakes when corporal punishment, corporal punishment after him again and tell the truth, this effect is much better than just speaking the truth. I wrote in Xiaobai "So, Peking University siblings" to see, Xiaobai of corporal punishment should not be called, you can use the "beaten" to describe. Even so, his children are trained adults.

For corporal punishment, how do you see?

Personally I think, appropriate corporal punishment is necessary, but must have a degree.

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