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I should not save him in the end? !

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Life

??????? did not intend to say it, but today my colleagues mother suffered. We have to talk together here. There may be some people condemn me, but I do not say unhappy.

??????? about a month ago, I was driving home from some other place. I was not too fast speed, just around the corner a corner when I saw the front of a motorcycle traveling in overturned on the roadside because the speed is too fast. I was in a motorcycle about 50 meters before the car stopped to observe the situation before. I saw a drunken car pressure in the following, reeking of booze, mouth choked into unconsciousness a lot of sediment. At this point I wanted to Zhu enough, I can not be saved in the end to save this man, I do not hold this man to my car and brought him to the hospital? ? ? ? I think in the process, several passers before, together and called an ambulance. Then there are also behind a motorcycle to the above is the couple and tried to shout this is not my car hit the man, but fortunately there are passers-by saw the situation helped me to testify, but fortunately not injured at this time lying in my car.

??????? my colleagues and my mother encountered almost, riding her tricycle home after shopping. At this time, the neighboring village of acquaintance met the requirements to sit the way her car home. On the way home, his mother accidentally turned cavalry, both of whom were injured. Neighboring village acquaintances medical expenses spent a total of seven or eight thousand, ask a colleague to pay eighty percent fee. Lawsuit went to court, the results of my colleagues lost, lost money, and a lot of trouble. If you had a colleague's mother is not a good thing to have such a lawsuit it? I ask, why did not the law protect the good deeds it well. . .

??????? two things, I think some time ago the media speculation of a hot news. A courageous man, catch a thief, in the course of the chase, the thief accidentally pulled from the electric car to death. After the court sentenced to two years and fined twenty thousand dollars. If this comrade was to do good, to have such sentences and fines it? I ask, why the law is not well protect this courageous yet. . . . . .

???????? when I am not here to do good deeds against you, not against you to the courageous views expressed are thinking is that when we do good deeds or Samaritan encountered irresistible accident legal how to protect themselves. More pronounced by the court cases, although in favor of the plaintiff before the law, but met everyone's moral condemnation, we still morally support the defendant's point of view.

??????? how about China's legal and moral order to better protect the good deeds and courageous? Legal and moral how can a perfect fusion of it?

??????? people now how can we better use legal and ethical guidelines to grasp their own behavior?


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