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My 2019

Wednesday on June 3rd, 2020Life

When one event from the time you go away, you realize that this is history. - the movie "My 1919"

My 2019, the working class and forth. But if from rushing in, get unexpected results, I think it is not really a toil. This year, in my case, it is to see the world's eyes began. I think there are ancient Zhang Qian Zaokong recent Westernization have eyes to see the world, but all the book said, the world is so big, I want to personally go and see.

One year later, my life changes little, I think that not only can explain my life peacefully, but also to explain my mood ahead. What is the nature of life is to be happy. Occasionally, I would have not satisfied the time, but trapped in their own capacity, not more word of complaint, had diligently, trying to change.

Whether happy or painful, all year round to remember. To be on the happiest memories of this year, than the happy days of summer vacation trip with his family, hoping that memories of a little more in the future. Painful memories, either slowly forgotten, or power conversion has become a struggle. People are growing up in pain, feeling better life in happiness!

Every year, in addition to look back bit by bit this year. Looking to the coming year also, give yourself a little bit more effort into goals can be completed. For example, in the rush of day, we can have more back home several times; the new year to make their lives a little more healthy, for a change for the better. 2020 is an integer, meaning twenty-first century began twenty years, if you count a decade's, then this is the beginning, we can do a long-term plan. For example, I think in the next decade, or fourth decade ago, traveled to all cities and counties in Sichuan.

At this moment, the hometown of flowers should bloom bloom is fragrant.

If geography blows dynasty dating Bangguo, my hometown is still my heart, even if its name has disappeared at the end of the year.

2019 later, I miss it.

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