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All for children!

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Life

When you have children, you will be able to appreciate him to you, to your families joy!

For the children's education, I have always thought that the best education at will! Do not force him to learn what, what to do! Now colleagues kids basically did not have to be sent to the county weekly interest groups learn this and that, I felt really tired today's kids. If children are interested, you can also say. If the child is not interested in being forced to learn the family, then I feel there would be no such need!

My children are now four and a half, from the usual bit of life can be found in his interest to draw on now again outstanding. Every my office I have to print from a PC stick figure painted him, to the present, should be painted hundreds of it! Last week did not take the child to a student-run art interest groups to try, the result of his son's performance was very good, work in the afternoon after teaching a teacher, other than a few students in the class semester paintings also better! I asked the children, do you want here every day after school painting, the child is very firm answer that they want. I asked do you want to learn to dance, to sing, the results did not want his son said. Since this is his interest, we should nurture his interest in them! If the child has no such interest, then I will not force him to learn something, but except for calligraphy.

Saturday, when the whole family out. Originally in the county house to rent, and now is not rented. In order to facilitate the life of a week later, the county child buy a television, installed broadband at home, and can do all do! Not spent a small expenditure, to be back to town a week later, the fare is not a small expenditure. All for children it! My child is currently the largest investment potential stock!

Remember there is such a painting, parents send their children wings with big scissors cut off, and then let the children go fly! This can fly up?

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