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Miss miss it

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Life

He said today that things might be considered very popular, because it have to say are missed opportunities to make money.

Zhang contact play earlier, because playing games sometimes went to junior high school students at home overnight. 2002 is also around this legendary game became popular when Zhang crazy too. Two years later the legendary Sifu began to appear in the country, but very little. At that time Mr. Chang also find a legendary server from the Internet, day and night to repair the code to change the script, and then succeeded in the local test. Then later opened a toss outside the network, but then not to force the bandwidth that is only two or three people to play. In this case, my legendary friends in the game is very exciting, after all that time PW pitiful. At that time my clothes just for a dozen friends to play with nothing.

There is a legend friend not let me teach him techniques, teaching him how to change the code to change the script. Later, I was in a couple of months he taught. The people are more business-minded, taught me the server after modifying his technique to get online to sell. Since that time PW in the spring before the arrival of people who want to open PW is also very much the result of that is, in just a few months, he's server since sold more than ten million dollars. He made such a large sum of money still in front of me to show off, but also the balance of screenshots to me and is a screenshot of funds flowing to me. When I asked him what kind of channels through selling, he makes no reference to it, and finally I QQ pull the black. I also find that time channels on the sale of PW server from the Internet, but did not find not and eventually died. This opportunity is not a good grasp later, missed.

In about 2005, when, in a QQ trading forum registered an account, because the computer network technology can also be soon made a total moderator. During that time, I met a lot of business to do QQ friends. That time 5 QQ is six or seven hundred dollars, the best number will not exceed a thousand dollars. Six one to two hundred yuan QQ, the twenty seven dollars, eight of luck in the official website can register to. At that time I simply want to helping a friend Management Forum, QQ is not want to do this business. In that forum soak for a few years after five QQ prices from 1000-23 million for the process. If I had to take advantage of it, it is a very good investment opportunity, but it missed.

We began to engage in their own independent personal blog when that time came into contact with the domain name, also registered in its name in the ID. At that time just to see a bustling inside, just a few close Jianlou then turn and then sell the domain name. At that time did not think the investment domain, in fact, from that time began to invest in domain name, then you should still have a very big chance. Com perfect fourth time that the number is two to three hundred dollars, if at that time to invest, and now should be able to make a fortune, but it missed.

That is the first half of it, thinking about investment point QQ, QQ, online acquisition of twenty or thirty seven. But now much deliberation, or want to invest in domain names, so I decided to put before the acquisition of QQ to sell. Sale page is here, there is a need can be directly harass me.

In fact, since the missed opportunity, there is no need to regret. Missed missed, live in the moment, focus on the front.

There is also to be advertising it, there is a need QQ can contact me directly. Can please help me to advertise! Many thanks!

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