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Obsessed with broken

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Life

Holidays coming to an end, blog updates should immediately go back to normal. Others are vacation time to sit on the computer, while I was at work when it can feel at ease to do on the computer. Holidays with a computer a lot, most of the time with their children. There are a few days to the school, and went back into a situation of over two. I take my son in the county, parents, wife, daughter in his home country, in fact, this evening I can confidently read a book, writing a blog.

Some time ago busy with school teachers titles assessment, go to worry about than a dozen teachers every day, the results of brain faint. Kindle even their own do not know where to go to put a stop to read nearly ten days. Later, at home or in the county to find a laptop bag, and found my lost more than three months of the U-disk, are placed in a computer bag. I issued a document saying his brain is broken in ShuDudu essays, really bad brain. If we do a little dull, rusty brain would pass!

Met wonderful things, I will request an increase in kindergarten childcare charges to raise fees Price Bureau at the end of May when the material is ready for a big fall. The end of July when I went to inquire about the progress of the Price Bureau of things, and part of the result Pricing units to the city prison bureau, and part of the Development and Reform Bureau. Municipal Development and Reform Bureau Supervisor Bureau and two units began to pass the buck, and I found was handled Wangke, so I went to Wangke Development and Reform Bureau to Jinke Chang. The results Jinke Chang said that because of the relocation too messy, can not find the material! I had a go tired, the material we have not lost!

A few days ago win10 system update should be updated systematic input method, after the results now start input method that is "ENG" American-style keyboard, press ctrl + space or ctrl + shift have no way to tune into the Chinese input method, you must use click of the mouse can tune into the Chinese input method is very convenient. I do not know the god who can offer advice!

Before you wrote the article recommended page RSS feed plug-in feeder, which in a few months after the discovery of the plug-in displays the load slower, and sometimes have to wait for nearly a minute, who do not know what better recommendation!

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