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A lot of fight, we fight!

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Life

These days the family micro-channel group in the crazy, are engaged in the fight a lot. Sign commission because the invitation is very impressive, and now family group where a lot of people to cash 100 dollars, which is a small half a day.

A few days ago my sister's hair in the group, made every day, no one bother her. First, that she poisoned her cell phone, and second, this thing is a fake. That is the result of yesterday morning, my wife called me and said she withdrawals of 100 dollars, and then teach how to operate.

Telephone ended not long, sister to fight a lot of invitations commission registered 100 dollars withdrawals made in micro-letter group shots of family, the instrument allows it lively, with our local dialect, the "pan fried up."

There are a lot of individual centers to fight, "leading cash every day," a lot will be free to fight after clicking on a virtual red envelope sent to you, this virtual red envelope amount is usually about 80 yuan. Well, I do not think you can direct this virtual red envelope of money to cash a virtual red envelope of money to 100 yuan can be withdrawals. Then how could you have to 100 yuan it, you have to invite people to download and sign up to fight a lot in 24 hours. Here is the original must not have been installed to fight a lot, and furthermore is registered micro letter login. For every one you help, "help", your virtual red envelope will increase a few, ranging from a few cents or a few minutes. So sometimes a dozen people help you to "help" you can easily get 100 dollars.

This time to liven up, are our family group in a generation of people, as long as in the group, have signed up to help others. But some people are still not enough 100 dollars a virtual red envelope, this time thought of the elders, phone, micro letter to the uncle, Erye, San Ye. . . . Aunt, Ergu, Sangu. . . . . Aunt, Er Yi, Sanyi. . . Ha ha ha, as long as the connection can think of, and this they have to "grab" because a person can only help a "help."

Through a small half-day effort, even the wife in Nanjing, Yangzhou working at home are telephone help "boost" the. Fortunately, nine at night when more than 100 dollars a successful withdrawal. Today she has tried to contact all the people, but also to withdrawals of 100 dollars. Family group where there are five or six people withdrawals of 100 dollars.

Enough to fight a lot of really fight, so they took us in the family group, the withdrawal should have more than a thousand dollars, but the thousand dollars of advertising effectiveness is not ideal. Because I just took power after helping to fight a lot of uninstalled!

Incidentally, I send a promotion, as well as 23 hours failure, interested me little bit! ! Copy to open a micro letter! To look at the bloggers not to force, I can not let tomorrow also can withdraw cash 100! ! !

Help me here [points]

Press or copying the entire information

Fight? ???????? [Open] to help me pick up the money in a micro-channel

I hope you help me, thank you very much lpQ1G1quwMIFUkFv

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