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Fight a lot? Hang a lot!

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Life

The original phone it has not been installed to fight a lot of APP, a few days ago when his wife engaged in a lot of fight promotion registration, since I was the first to promote the natural objects, installed a lot of fight. "A lot of fight, we fight! "Where have mentioned, indeed, tired point if efforts to cash point is one or two hundred dollars.

If online shopping of people, I, I do not feel too, from the Internet to buy things I will naturally buy online. After installing a lot of fight, they will go to browse the goods inside, saw the price is still relatively cheap, bought a few commodities begins above.

Ching Ying Paper pumping paper, opened it after receipt of goods, an area of ??a sheet of paper without my palm. Said the promotion is washable, the result after opening the dregs serious, washing the face used to wipe her face, a look of paper out of the dregs, what about washing it!

Shao depression agricultural cooperatives salted duck eggs, I bought a "small to medium", the man looked ridiculous after arrival. "Small" you are biased too much of it, about the same size and table tennis.

It found that eating this "small to medium" of salted duck eggs last night origin, trademarks are Jiangsu Yangzhou Gaoyou, but his presentation on the origin of goods Hunan Kaifeng, cargo is sent from Fengtai County of Anhui come! I asked the case to contact customer service, customer service let me take pictures to him, and he explained that they have several farms and several packaging! ! Ridiculous! !

US grain Square grasping cake, the arrival found no insulation box top mark! I'm sure that is how "beautiful food Square" brand it? Will it be fake? Eat this morning, then taste too hard to do it, do not say that the promotion of crisp. This cake is a flattening of the dough, not even a little oil.

And fight Longjing tea, more than 24 hours with no people and I fight alone. The result is a funny system sent a message saying "successful free fight"!

In fact, if the above mentioned "no good cheap goods" is defined as however, because the price is really low. You want to get a little money good quality merchandise that is impossible! But Now I say, but there is a lot of sellers to fight fraud and official inaction of!

Look at the picture above, HP GEN7, or play NAS server should know, HP GEN7 a few years ago, a section of the HP mini server, then the price should be around 1500 now! This fight a lot of the price fell to 322.4 1453.2, go to the details of the goods are, are talking about how to GEN's performance how, photos are all photos GEN7 configuration including motherboard, CPU, memory, or something!

I have to compare the prices on Taobao, Taobao low profile version is 430 dollars, and a lot of fight is 322.4 yuan, a full hundred dollars lower, you can win! The results of this store and customer service contact when preparing orders, customer service says that it is just an empty box comes with a power supply! Down, originally selling chassis, the chassis you sell directly out of some description and pictures of the chassis Well! What it describes GEN7 machine! Most hosts that there is no mention in the introduction of goods which is selling chassis!

I put this situation to fight a lot of the official customer service, customer service results to reply is "to verify contact with the business"! Your such a reply is not too as the!

Fight a lot? Hang a lot! Fight a lot, never install the APP! !

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