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Yi-cum-HP520 Notebook Computer disassemble remember

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Life

Zhang access to computers since the beginning, has a passion for computers. I remember beginning to have computer classes after 97 years began to read normal, then a Wednesday classes, the festival twenty-one theory class machine class, indeed, the two sections of class time machine is really too short, not enough I toss. Weekend last resort when people go out to rent a computer room typing practice typing, the time is to eat save money practicing your computer. Normal will learn on the computer is a piece of software Authorwaer, it is used to make courseware. Then this software is very proficient, a lot of the open class teacher came to ask me to do courseware. Now this software forgotten the.

In 2000 to work at that time monthly wage is 200 yuan a month, the normal allocation of new teachers' salaries should be 740 a month, but when wages are issued by the township, love to do. The next year when wage should rise to 740, the results of the provincial standard wages suspended, and only get 470 a month. When his hand to gather more than three thousand dollars, when you tell people to buy a computer at home, Dad was absolutely opposed to it, in 2001, when more than three thousand dollars is not a small number. Dad did not ultimately Niuguo Me, Myself And one ran Nanjing Zhujiang bought a "blessing in" computer, I remember very clearly is 3400 dollars.

After have their own computer, toss it more, to toss from learning software system. win95, win98, win2000, win me, to later win XP, each of the systems have to toss. At that time the network has developed, all the software is CD-ROM, to the light of these systems, software CD have spent a lot of money. Gradually my computer one of the best at the local level, and people will ask to repair computers, install the system. Fear most is the installation system, even the installation of the system to complete installation of the software commonly used, at least get to three or four hours. Because they were all acquaintances, can not collect the money, at most, to the point of the meal to eat a meal. Then there was the ghost speed is fast, and generally an hour to solve the problem.

In 2001 he bought the first blessing of the desktop computer, then the computer unit home desktop there will be no upgrade. When we do not know when the garbage sold. Now home to the normal use of four laptop, a desktop machine. Because the laptop upgrade is not good, so when configured to re-buy new lows, but the old can also be used. (There are four desktop bad throw in the shed, hard drives, memory are removed to leave a computer motherboard above)

HP520 this laptop is the time to buy in 2008, when it should be remembered more than six thousand dollars. After using a couple of years to increase over a 2G memory, the other is not upgraded. Two years ago when it comes to running a XP, but then do not know how it can not be switched. Because the configuration is too low, not worth to repair, and even want to go to repair, there is no corresponding parts of the. I remember once someone garbage collection to be out 20 dollars, I did not sell, it has been shed on the balcony outside his home country.

These days thinking out NAS is the time to think of this laptop is broken, I can not think of what the inside of the hard drive removed with the use, anyway, has become garbage. Noon use twenty or thirty minutes to disassemble. Because in the shed, rain leakage, this notebook even water, and rust. Remove a 120G mechanical hard drive, a 1G and 2G, a memory, a wireless module, the display is also removed, there is no movable on the CPU board.

120G mechanical hard drive, 2G content bar, wireless module is ready to put the stars on my blog gave a soft routing (no hands dry), and then prepared with a display driver board, made from a television set on Taobao, anyway idle It is idle. This is also when the use of waste it. Nothing else of value as garbage discarded.

Disassemble process will not go details, HP520 notebook with me six or seven years at the Memorial a few pictures!

The position of the hard disk into a lot of water, had a lot of rust, while the outside is better rust hard drive may also be used.

Removed the screen, do not know when the pressure of the lower left corner there is a black regiment, I do not know bad not bad.

Finally, leaving only a pile of garbage, these are dry garbage, though drenched in water, but the non-wet garbage! Ah

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