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From sell tea thought

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Life

??????? sell tea, I think we certainly will be very familiar. No exaggeration to say, as long as the use of QQ, QQ with a group, are seen selling tea hair promotion posts. Another is spam comments on our blog, these two things from the point of view, I think we will promote the site is how.

??????? First, the comment spam is best reflected in the growth of your blog

??????? blog from Zhang Jian Bo to now, there are more than two months. In the beginning of time you want to have spam comments are not, in fact, was psychological also think: "If I will not delete spam comments, give me the number of charge and the number of comments." Well now, basically every day a few spam comments. This shows what kind of problem it is actually very simple. Shows that our blog for advocates, that was valuable; shows that our blog has been growing. Zhang blog comment spam witnessed growing bit by bit. If there be a day of blog comment spam have dozens, it shows that my blog is a success.

??????? Two, "selling tea", "junk reviewers' persistence that we can learn

First, we ??????? whether he manually or automatically post, he so persistent that spirit is worth every one of us to learn. Imagine, if you are, you can carry it? Like I am "your blog for whom adhere to the" "perseverance" This question comes in. Many blog owners began as a crazy-like, must bring their own blog do it, but a lot of people fell less than two months, just when blog was started to fall. In starting to fall, I met a lot of, I: Speaking of "WordPress optimization techniques to teach you how to quickly increase blog traffic" in my favorites, there are more than one hundred blog, but now re-opened, also more than half of the article was updated to August. New talent will start this fall, more people feel is really a pity. So Zhang blog here to promote a collective "selling tea", "junk reviewers' learning, so they learn perseverance.

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