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Kia kx cross car in mind

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Life

In 2010 when the family bought his first car, then spent thirty-five thousand to buy a used car, less than a year resale twenty-seven thousand sold. In August 2011 bought a Beijing Yuet modern, open to April 2018, 20,009 sold, and now want most regret is that this car sold, his own and opened a seven-year, 130,000 km, excellent condition , also spent a month ago to sell two thousand do a big maintenance. April 2018 25 mention the currently open Toyota RAV4 wing release. Because my wife is not in the same unit, so my wife will not convenient to town a week on duty Tuesday night, when I live in the school, and his wife also have to find a colleague car seat, very inconvenient. And his wife to discuss the car now so cheap, simply to buy a bar.

Start preparing to buy a Buick Hideo, but was later persuaded a three-cylinder car, too late problem, so I gave up! Toyota Corolla bar 120 000 landing can be done automatically beggar edition, and gave up! And later, when his wife saw in the area surrounding the running stopped the car Kia KX CROSS red, my wife and I have taken a fancy, so he set the car!

May 15 at your local Kia 4S shop to mention the KX cross 2018 models 1.6L. The full amount of 90,000 dollars landing, get 2 times maintenance, the whole car film, tachograph, the Ottomans. For this price is quite satisfactory, the price is relatively over-Kia from the group, the current price is the country as a whole range 8.8-9.3 million. Also found a friend asked two automobile trade companies, one is the full amount of 90,000, is another whole section 80008. Since taking into account the sale price and 4S shops and the difference is not too big, so I decided to mention cars from the 4S shop.

Because his wife is not always open, so I decided to open my car being in the run-in period, and the RAV4 by the wife to open. From yesterday to mention cars, just a tank of fuel ran, ran more than six hundred kilometers. In this more than six hundred kilometers, to speak briefly to use feel it!

The car belongs to the KX cross border car, boundary between car and SUV. But higher than the sedan chassis SUV off than the bottom, but not look like the SUV SUV. The red car is quite suitable for open lesbian. Space is still relatively large, a family of five people will not feel crowded. Handling is quite good, low speed when the steering wheel is very light, speed up the ark after the disc is very really, which is designed to go from fully respect!

As a scooter, 1.4L displacement is completely sufficient, but considering the price, or choose the 1.6L. Because many small-displacement car owners reflect summer air conditioning is loaded again, then the car is very meat, lack of will power. So in economic conditions permit, or consider the 1.6-liter.

I need to focus on speaking under Tucao points:

Severe feeling frustrated: when to start the vehicle during acceleration of the car when the automatic shift position, clear sense of frustration. Similarly, when the vehicle speed drops from a high gear position is automatically reduced when the vehicle has significant setback, very clear feeling! This feels very uncomfortable! The house is completely another RAV4 no such feeling!

Fuel consumption is not too pleased: I belong to a gentle type of car, not to fierce fuel door. The driving sections are national highway. From the unit home, more than twenty kilometers away, also less than five traffic lights, the city is not congested road. A finish tank of fuel from the trip computer display is one hundred kilometers 6.5 liters of oil. Others see this consumption should be feeling very satisfied, but my RAV4 and contrast glory put it, or some high. RAV4 has run more than twenty thousand kilometers a year, combined consumption of only 6.9. After all, it is RAV4 SUV, much larger than the cross. So if you compare it, feeling KX CROSS fuel consumption should only make people satisfied with 6 liters!

Jitter: stop vehicle when standing idle, sitting in the positive, the co-pilot obviously felt shaking up and down. In this way the new car shake, do not know that a few years into what will shake!

In fact, from comprehensive, the car's cost is relatively high. 90,000 dollars landing joint venture vehicle, the configuration is quite rich.

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