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Do not ask me where these days, I have become tired dog!

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Life

In fact, No. 13 issued by Bowen still take the time to write, this should be a winter vacation time, but the more the end, it is also when I am busy. I remember a few years ago New Year's Eve is not a holiday, and I am all run in the county Department of Education, Bureau of Finance, banks and other money to help project teams. In recent years New Year's Eve on holiday, in fact, are busy twenty-nine day.

According to the Gregorian calendar, this year the New Year come much earlier, so years ago, many things have relatively concentrated together. For example, annual funding in previous years, final accounts, annual salary, annual reports and so the talent in place before winter break began about a month to do the layout. This year was all concentrated in these days. Each annual reports need to do three or four days time, you should routinely take two weeks, but this year it is concentrated in three days. These days if no overtime which school finance staff, indicating not normal!

When the winter break of the biggest thing is the performance of accounting, this work is a school grade group of Church and State, UNESCO, and other departments for the data to teach financial room, financial staff to summarize, publicity. After publicity in question and then feedback to the financial sector through various chambers, modify. This work also needs to at least two or three days. This afternoon I put the performance of our unit publicity, and publicity from 2:00 to now, basic phone had not stopped!

The most annoying is the "Pro Generation" Teachers Insurance continued to do this year, every day, two or three men are looking for you. Light phone you have to take twenty or thirty a day. Really, that two weeks in the unit, there are people who follow a meal, even the toilet have time.

All the things piled together, suddenly the high-intensity work, people really can not stand. Naturally irritable mood! Do not say! Overtime!

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