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You can not become a burden!

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Life

In fact, think of this title, this is not to go to school, find a reason not to update a blog shirk it! In fact, time is squeezed out!

Since dozen teacher numbers beginning August 13 units start vocational assessment, are at work state. To the present day twenty basically no rest days on normal, tired point does not matter, more critical as I am "really complain, people tired, tired heart! "Lane said, out of the heart is tired, it is not so comfortable up.

In the ten days of vocational assessment units teacher, irritable heart anything but quiet and read a book. After the vocational assessment will also begin a new semester, the school is busy these days and more time. Really, tired of school a few days do not want to read. I will kindle nearly a month to eat it in the ash.

By the time the September fifty-six school things are basically busy, but the family but met a disgusting thing. The family lived in the sixteenth floor, was the installation of central air-conditioning on the external walls of the hole is not sealed, resulting in a rat down the air conditioning duct climbed into the ceiling of the room, the home circuit bite of a short circuit. There is no way can only buy rat poison, I'm afraid of mice will die in the ceiling, that sell rat poison boss said not guarantee, after eating rat poison rats will find water to drink, they will climb out, I believe a. Fear what happened happened, the results of the mice died in the ceiling above the living room was full of the stench. Buy a variety of medical disinfectant, various freshener effect is not too obvious, every day my mind is the kind of foul-smelling shadows, simply do not want to go home. Friday at noon to find a Daikin air conditioning technicians, air-conditioning mouth open, remove the dead mouse, and sprinkled with a lot of disinfectant, yesterday when the family is basically smell the smell. This two-day return home under the old lives, I guess these days plus ventilation should basically be back to normal.

Personal feeling, reading, writing blog is a person's interests and hobbies. If for reasons of work, life and did not have time to read a book, to update the blog, and become a burden, I think this time can be put off. Adjustment Adjust the life, work status, they can not make their own burden.

Beginning tomorrow, work, living conditions basically back to normal, have to squeeze time out to read a book, update the blog! It should also be as before, a week can read a book a week can update a blog!

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