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The first depressing thing (about the attachment upload) encountered after moving

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Life

A few days ago  space from internal migration to foreign countries, in the process of moving, there is no guidance wandering what is the normal situation. After a successful move, access speed is fairly good. Hearts also intends to "toss WP" came to an end, but there was a very depressed but it was solved when I want to send an article today. What has happened is this, I sent an article about the Dragon Boat Festival, which has a picture, upload ---- because the upload succeeds, but just do not display images attached will not pass a few, FTP to a space look, how can file it, nothing. Depressed, it is what's wrong when not moving?

analyzed for several reasons: First, LINUX folder properties, is not it does not give written, Definitely not.

The second is not a place to set up issues, due to the background a little bit of looking, finally found the problem, as shown below:

Before moving

"The default upload path" is the default, reinstall the move, although WP is the default, but after the data import, which have come before the data in the old space. This is what it into a success, so the change after the "wp-content / uploads", it all OK.

Although this is a small problem WP, but from which we can think of to get the method. Some problem is very simple, as long as you manage a good idea, the solution will soon be found.

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