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Put the idea of ??a car accident

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Life

On his way to work yesterday morning, just twenty kilometers away, we encountered two car accident. The first should be met from the accident had just happened, the car adults and children are still lying on the ground, the ambulance and the police are yet to come. It was a T-junction, no traffic lights, electric car ride with adult children go to school, according to my judgment should be the primary responsibility of vehicles accounted for. Electric cars from north to south sidewalk normal straight from the T-junction, while the car is transferred from a north-south direction to the west. No matter for any reason, there is no routing of traffic lights, the vehicle should allow non-motor vehicles. But the car or religious ties to the electric car and hit. When we arrived at the scene, the electric car adults and children are still lying on the ground. I hope that adults and children no serious problem.

When my car left the scene of an accident tens of meters turn directions to the school, a group of cyclists, electric car school children. It can be said is the transportation planning, rampage in motor vehicle lane! Why not take non-motorized vehicles? Non-motorized vehicles to go hold you all these kids? If you have a little careless driver, do not hit you still run into the Who! !

When it came to the second car accident should happen some time away from the accident, only the red car in the ditch. The car is from east to west, but the red in the ditch south of the road, this should be to the right in order to avoid pedestrians or non-motor vehicles. I saw that the front of the car in front of the car did not like, it seems strike action is not small.

I talked about the "civilized travel" twice this year, I talked about the intersection where the work of the township. Now install traffic lights on the intersection, so the vehicle will be according to the traffic rules, but non-motor vehicle is "the wind took" the. With "wind took" It is no exaggeration words, non-motor vehicle lane is a pedestrian, the vehicle lane and non-motorized vehicles are shared. To account for non-motor vehicle Road no problem, but mainly also ignore these non-motorized traffic lights.

After the chaos since the intersection traffic lights installed and arise, our school organized a "civilized campus to lead the social civilization," an activity that is specifically for this piece of traffic safety. "Big hand little hand" to the street passing traffic safety leaflets at the crossroads of people and vehicles were guided not play very good results.

"Rules" set right, we comply with, when you do not follow the rules, it may be a price to pay!

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