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Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Life

These days are not home and dry on the last laundry, and today is a draft.

Beginning last year, the water network reconstruction home country, the town's water plant is closed, into a unified county water supply pipe network. After the county into a unified water supply pipe network, from the health point of view it could be improved, but the bleach in the water taste is too great. It began when the access is acceptable, but a few weeks before the start of a porridge made with tap water very obvious there is strange taste. Later discuss with their parents or to buy a water purifier it!

The day before yesterday afternoon contacted engage in decorating a friend, bought a Seoul Adventist clean water purifier S2, cheaper than buying from the Internet two to three hundred dollars. Drive yourself to the store to pick up, to take advantage of the home after over an hour of their own time to water purifiers installed, the installation process is relatively fool, very convenient, so that if the master installation to installation but also the costs.

It could not help but remind me of childhood home draft situations, older, and think about childhood things feel ya Yi.

When the early eighties, we brigade department wells, which is the kind of place to mention a bucket of water. The village people are relying on this draft mouth old well, then there is a stranger because our village and a girl jumped emotional entanglements occur this well commit suicide, bringing people to the mouth of the well water in the village do not eat. When I can remember, which is already well a dry well.

Our village is located in the top of the hills, the top is just north-south street, which is strange, east street close to the river, but from underground wells up out of the water is bitter can not eat, and removed from the streets to the west underground water wells It is sweet. So eat mainly east of the river, while the west is to eat well water. When we were home hit a well, it is that the kind of hand press water, also known as pressure wells.

At that time the village has a few other people pressure wells, the day is not bright morning sky, when someone knocked at the door pressurized water. Adults are a pole with two buckets to carry water, while children are they carried a bucket of water. Then pressure wells in our family from morning till night basically did not stop, a small village of people eat half our family well water. Especially when the Big Year, three or four in the morning when someone knocked at the door pressurized water, because we have a custom of this, the Great Year of the water is "water God of Wealth", as early as the year to kick Which We will be making a fortune. Later, people of every family has gradually killing the street to the west, our family well with people will be less, but there will be street people to the east of pressurized water home.

It should be in my ten-year-old, Murakami will have a water plant, but this does not pass water to every household, a water plant is only one faucet. Tap switch is a water plant in the house, the staff sitting there selling water. Someone to buy water on the open drain, remember like two buckets of water a penny. Although people need to lift home, but save the water pressure force! This pattern will exist a year or two, then it leads to the water each household.

Our town's water plant has always been extracted groundwater, water quality is very good. In the mouth is sweet to drink, cook a few years a kettle of boiling water, a little bit of scale are not. And now the county's water supply pipe network is Hongze pumping of ground water kettle a couple of days there will be a thick layer of scale.

This reminds me of childhood play from pressure wells in a bucket of water, drink, cool and refreshing, taking a dip in a few beers, a few watermelons, will also be able to enjoy the benefits of city people - iced watermelon, iced beer!

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