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Concerns prior to travel - cheating

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Life

Parents age gradually, long ago said it wanted to see the sea; son, now also the age of 10, or five or six at the time brought over the sea, so this summer to think of the parents and children to bring the beach to see Look. Qingdao had to go, but the car then take five six hours by car elderly and children will be tired, so I decided to choose the province of Lianyungang, less than three hours by car. One can see the sea, the second is to look at the Flower and Fruit Mountain.

You must have to do your homework before traveling by car, or to find where you live and find food will be bored to death. First live, before the general went out to play when selected Inn, clean, health, safety, but this time I was given a few Inn from the Internet when they are far away from the sea, mainly to bring the child to the beach at night beach play. So this would set up a B & B, read reviews pretty good, away from the sea in one of the park is only a few minutes walk, the price is cheaper than the Inn, six people living only 368 yuan a night, compared to staying in a hotel on the province for two one hundred dollars. Select this to see the comment as long as the good.

Last night the decision was placed on the first day of the trip Liandao time, on the Internet and see dao eat, live, play homework area. After seeing the results of a large portion of the heart is cold, bad review as North Korea. Scenic sea, beach quality and service attitude that we do not say, one that cheating in this regard.

From the evaluation of the above point of view, whether in or dao in xugou No one can place to eat. No matter what xugou seafood street or Liandao private restaurant, according to the boss if you do not mean to go a la carte, then the attitude will be very poor. When ordering anything to say, when the bill Baibandiaonan results. He says when ordering fish is a result when the bill is based on pounds reckoning with you; can you say when ordering food by number is a result checkout by one with you afterwards. A lot of people have been slaughtered this way, two to three hundred dollars per capita also can not eat something pretty good, some of slaughtered five or six hundred people.

Are painted out to play in a fun, no one wanted to face unpleasant. These two days I always have concerns, if they really have how to do, do not go two days really afraid to go to dinner? But now has been intended, it does not work, go to the vegetable market to buy some seafood in their own houses, slaughtered and unhappy than encountered strong.

Lianyungang tourism reputation made this way, really ashamed. I hope this trip will not be slaughtered!

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