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Older, poor self-control!

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Life

December last year about XX (not seen before, "last year's" thought it was for a long time, in fact, is twenty days), the bureau held a meeting, a temporary substitute teachers continued on for future pension 95 years Insurance business. Although short meeting time twenty minutes but we need to do it too much. Have to take account of the finishing unit from 1995 to 2019, 25 years of books, we must make every February and September payroll and accounting documents copying out the work done for a whole two weeks time.

After the New Year holidays to the end of the unit, there are some temporary substitute teachers continue to check the payroll. Do not think that 25 years after the books have been sorted out to check that they will be very simple, if you think so wrong. First, the accounts of the eighties and nineties to do more chaos, the second is not a monthly payment of wages, the result of many people's payroll has broken, it must find other month payroll for him. One Pro behalf of the teacher for five years, the results took nearly four hours to help can only be found in one month's payroll. Between such queries invisible bring us much impact.

From No. 2, as long as a day to my office, the office will squeeze a lot of people. From 7:30 in the morning to start until the end of the five thirty commuting. This period is a little bit of time off are not, it can be said dinner time is squeezed out, not to mention the lunch break, even the toilet did not have time! At first a couple of days so overloaded with work can bear, but found a little psychologically these days can not afford it! Obviously feeling increasingly irritable! Especially in the face of some unreasonable people, my manner of speaking it is clear that it is not too friendly! As today had a 67 years old to check 75 years' salary, according to the provincial document specifies is not older than 60 years, a temporary substitute teachers 95 years later, it is obvious that he is not qualified, but he was desperately and you hard to say. He stood chattered nearly an hour, that's when I enjoy irritability incredible! But still control!

Because all work during the day time on behalf of temporary staff to help in the accounting inquiry wages, and that the daily work overtime to do it in the evening. The day before yesterday also use the time to go to school on Saturday to work overtime, but this time it was also recruited let you query wages. Because of this incident, this time felt uneasy incredible! Like "Westward Journey" in for some lines, to rise as thousands of flies buzzing in your ear! Really can not stand!

May be affected by this matter, this time is very easy to get angry. Sunday afternoon and his wife and children went to bath to take a bath, to save money from our own point the supermarket to buy their own Cuozao bath towel. Because the family has one, I thought my wife would take, so I just bought one. To place the results only to find his wife did not bring home. It is because of this little bit of small things, the heart of the fire on the up! Fortunately that did not show it, but my heart still nest on fire!

Do not know is not his older reasons, now find their own poor self-control is really good! You have to Jing Xiaxin! To have self-control!

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