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Unfilial son

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Life

A unit of retired teachers died, the school's department of trade unions to represent the school for a simple sympathy, and told his son how to handle the funeral pension costs.

A few days later, a scruffy middle-aged man holding the death of the teacher came to me and cremation certificates funeral for pension procedures. Because after I was transferred to the new unit and abdicated almost no contact with the teacher, let him look to the village branch secretary wrote a parent-child relationship proof. All materials submitted last week successfully and Social Council.

There is also the day before yesterday received a phone call, claiming to be a teacher but also the death of the son, said to be formalities. I'll wonder, I say it is not your brother has handled it, huh? Over time funeral pension costs will hit your brother's card, when to consult your own on the line. But he insisted that his brother stopped the formalities. I said, Why do not you write to your brigade parent-child relationship, and I let that side formalities and Social Council to suspend processing.

Yesterday morning, the death of the teacher's second son came to me holding prove paternity. For legal inheritance, I issued a stay of units to apply for let him get Social Council.

Later, after asking to know what was going on. The teacher's death does have two sons, the eldest son lazy, to fifty years still single, full count on four or five thousand dollars of his father's retirement pay. The youngest son graduated from school a little wisdom to work outside the city. The old teacher may be considered incompetent son and son for a reason source of life, retirement pay he never gave the younger son, the younger son would never come back from the field filial piety.

Later the elderly sick, the eldest son which also took him to be taken to cure that. But this treatment is not out of filial piety, but consider his own. Because if his father died, he would not have a source of livelihood. That it is, in February of this year, the old teacher's death, the eldest son no one notice, of course, including his brother. Is put in the death of his father cremated the same day, do it yourself at home in his own land to dig a hole and buried. Later still find these things when their uncle to visit, called the second son was called to come back.

Now plausibly second son, said his brother did not let him see his father one last time or something, so that the non-stop funeral pension. I said, all these years you've seen your father did not come back, he said no. I said your father is ill in hospital you wait too did not come back, and he said no. Later, the second son, said his brother a few years ago to save money, alive to his mother starved to death. If so I say, why do not you take your parents to live it, this time he was speechless. I said that you now what does it mean, he just said air his brother did not let him see his father one last time. As I said funeral pension costs, that is your two brothers chores, the unit will not come forward to solve, but also taking into account the statutory inheritance, it was issued to suspend the material.

In fact, we all know, tens of thousands of dollars for that big son of a funeral pension hastily buried his father, while the second son is also tens of thousands of dollars for that funeral pension never come back to visit his father is also not far from the outside come back. This morning in the unit canteen to eat, I and several large age of the teacher talked about the situation of their home, they are all agreed that this is not something two sons.

Alas, inverse!

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