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Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Life

In an earlier time to see Bo Friends of the article said eight or nine in the morning to get up early also do not want to rely on the bed, for me, it was just wishful thinking. As the daughter less than two weeks, his wife's work place is in the home, parents do not want to come town life, so he took his son to school in the county task falls on my shoulders.

Every morning five twenty get up, wash after hurried to do breakfast. Shout son to get up at six, after dinner clean up properly will close seven, and his son drove the unit directly to the schools themselves directly to the countryside. Four in the afternoon back to town, half past four to take her son home. Followed by that grocery shopping, cooking, meal and then clean up the room, check your child work, when all properly when it is almost near to 10 points. It should be middle-aged, this time point it is very tired every night basically no more than half past ten on the rest.

Units previously thing is not too much, at noon you can also take a moment to rest for half an hour. But now the end of the year thing is too much. From mid-November to the beginning of the "liquidation value", followed by that in December of old and new accounting reform, budget 2019, 2018, accounts, human resources annual reports, annual funding for the preparation of the annual report and so on, the annual report after another come. The most terrible was the reform of old and new accounting system, the county finance bureau should be "ass crowded wall to wall cracks", and within a few days before as the "paperless system" on the line. Because time is too tight, the system is full of loopholes. We can say that acts as a mouse, to help software companies testing the software. Found the problem, we believe the group shouted at the micro, the company re-optimization software, optimized our data re-do. So repeatedly he did not know N times. We can say is I do not know why the reeling whirring.

Our original budget establishments is carried out by the Department of Education, from the beginning of January this year, the finance bureau directly into budgetary units. May be a new mode of operation or new financial requirements, the Financial Bureau, Department of Education, Human Resources and Social Bureau, Inland Revenue Department, Bank of these units do not coordinate the work. Probably because Finance Bureau "big government" work requirements issued by never considering other units, leading to the grassroots units of the things are hard to do.

Alas, from No. 3 to the present, "payment system" has not been on the line, and so on the line and a lot of things waiting for me. Not much to say, do the accounts.

Alas, busy

Because of the recent work is too busy, the article does not update, also no blog laps visits, please bear with me

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