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Purchase a vacuum cleaner! Going to buy mopping robot!

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Life

Recently prefer to visit Aunt Zhang, see a home vacuum cleaner inadvertently between the day before yesterday, after the 59 dollars a roll, I feel it is worth to buy! (Previously has been very depressed "worth buying" Why is it called "Aunt Zhang," turned out to be the first phonetic alphabet), click on the link to the lynx, to see the stand-alone version is the volume is 59 dollars, 89 dollars is the enhanced version. What is an enhanced version of it, it is to give you with a variety of tips. I looked there should be nine kinds of tips, the nine tip is 30 dollars! Upon receipt of the goods I found that this should be a pit, stand-alone version of the vacuum cleaner 59 dollars is really cheap, but these nine tips 30 dollars is really too expensive! I feel this is the business of digging a pit, vacuum cleaners do not make you money, that is, the suction head to earn you at least 20 bucks! Well, in fact, a kind of feeling of being pit!

After receiving the goods yesterday, once again this generous stand-alone vacuum cleaner really cheap, 9 tips damn expensive! Things get home, can not wait to try it, I feel very good! I was at home kitchen floor covered with a carpet of oil, so a variety of very much the carpet trash, sweep with a broom is not good, and now with this vacuum cleaner, clean very clean! Really good!

It makes me think of things before planning to buy sweeping, mopping robot. I lived in the 16th floor, the 16th floor are for the local should be no dust on the results of a few days there is a lot of dust over the ground two or three days you have to clean the house. This is because when a person my children go to school in the county, seven in the morning to go to the countryside Unit, 5:30 pm pick up their kids back to town, grocery shopping, cooking, washing after basically late, so it is time to clean the room less. I was thinking to buy a sweeping, mopping robot, for some time also been concerned about the online prices ranging from 2000-4 afternoon. But always considered cheap by two years will be broken not worth it, so eyes are on the price of four or five thousand.

After going to buy sweeping, mopping robot thing my wife said, and his wife does not agree. Said that thing to spend money to buy four five thousand a month wages it! Besides sweeping, mopping the floor is the most basic housework and basic physical labor! I think also, sweep the floor, mopping mopping the floor, it can be considered labor exercise! For the time being to put this thing down!

Now more and more people are using various "automation", "robot", this is not a lazy person, but the use of "automatic", using the "robot" can save more time. Time costs came out, more than anything else. This reminds me of 17 years before the county with children in school, the family is semi-automatic washing machines, laundry day light time would have to be half an hour later replaced by a fully automatic washing machine, every morning the clothes into the washing machine off, after half an hour to get out of the sun. Saved half an hour, you can do a lot of things!

Sometimes really not own lazy, lack of time ah! County home two weeks did not seem to me mopping the floor! So buy mopping robot has sprouted out of ideas!

What a great God mopping robot home use, the relatively high cost recommend! Ready to start!

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