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Buy a car

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Life

In 2008, when the young point unit colleagues set off a "driver's license" hot, I go with the flow learned at that time. But at that time I did not consider going to buy a car, not like some little young now, the day before to get the card to buy a second car just drive. The main reason for not buying a car should be for economic reasons, so when more than a year of "family books."

That is one event, just let me decisively to buy a car. 10 years after the Chinese New Year with children to accompany his wife back to her own family, his wife's maiden is another township in the county, but in a southwest and one in the Northeast. That should be the first two days, more than seven in the morning, my husband was holding not a year old child carrying things to the station waiting for the bus, at bus station results can be described as a sea of ??people. Even if the two of us empty-handed can not hold a child is not easy to squeeze onto the car, let alone with children, crowded and no more than an hour to squeeze onto the car. Later, forced to walk the road outside the station, ranging from people who get off on the first off we took the children on the bus, the only way to ride. About ten o'clock so only to the county, not that crowded bus in the county, is too slow. Nearly an hour away from Termini station to the east, the same passenger station to take home to his wife is a time and direction of the bus crowded. The original up to two hours from my home to my wife to her parents that day nearly five hours. In order to facilitate travel with children considered at that time, not a month, she bought a used car Chevrolet Sail, was 35,000 buy. At that time, eager to buy a car, eat a lot of losses on price. After all, second-hand car, small problems continue, there is also a big problem, can not stand every day repair, opened less than a year when 2.7 million price changed hands and went out.

The second stage is the name of the child's uncle mortgage in Nanjing Beijing Hyundai Yuet, on the road close to the thousands of dollars. Later in the 4S shop spent nearly ten thousand fitted with leather seats and a large-screen navigation. This car with me for seven years time, although nearly one hundred and forty thousand kilometers run, but I usually have a good maintenance, a little bit of a problem, not worked, even small problems have not been. Pro is also sold two weeks ago to spend more than two thousand dollars to do a major maintenance.

When I bought my first car, and we are all towns private cars should not be more than 10. With economic development, should now basically a quarter of households have their own car. Unit younger colleagues basically everyone has one, and it is also more and more high-end cars. In 2011, when modern Yuet count is "luxury car", and the result is now "Streetcar." Last March, when his wife discuss the transfer and, in fact, I still tend to the car but his wife insisted SUV, finally listened to his wife. From CRV, RAV4, explore community who, Escape, so the final choice of several Ang Kewei in the RAV4. RAV4 election results mainly from fuel consumption, post-maintenance, hedge and other comprehensive consideration. With my 7-year Yuet 2.9 million price is taking away the used car traders.

Why now think of "car" it, because since the beginning of last semester, my wife every week with his son from the county to the village down twice. Every time commuting to county all the time one by one colleague called and asked, "There are bits of the car", so that is very inconvenient. Sometimes colleague car did not have to be a bit bus. Whenever this time, my wife was determined to buy a car, buy a car from the voice of the semester there.

To tell the truth, like us working families keep two cars is not easy, so I decided to present this to the RAV4 wife opened, and I see if I can receive a 30,000 small used car. If any bloggers have the right to be introduced to me!

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