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To be a simple Bluetooth speakers

Sunday on April 19th, 2020Life

First prepare a Bluetooth receiver module, a power amplifier boards, as well as speakers, and now the Internet has Bluetooth and power amplifier together, it is just a little bit expensive. If you want to use lithium batteries, then, you also need a booster module and 18650 lithium batteries, I use usb power supply, you can use the computer usb, 5v charger, charging treasure.

I use are the cheapest stuff, but also the heat, can be considered a Bluetooth receiver distance away, the amplifier can be said that garbage, there are some current sound, just to bring affordable speaker only, may be better grounded it. When buying amplifier must be careful to support much power. I use the radio speaker is removed is 2 watts 8 ohms, so no problem.

Overall, it can also be used to listen to Internet radio stations can, if replaced by a better speaker and amplifier, and then with a wooden box, the effect must be very praise.

PS: the Internet saw a wooden sound box empty, if coupled with the high cost of Wando sound speakers, can make a 2.0 Bluetooth speaker, not expensive, free to engage in engage in.

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