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Disease, and toss!

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Life

Said to feel unwell a month too soon, looking through the "also to talk about medicine," in October 30, 2019 written. In a few days before writing this article is October 28 on the throat to the chest portion of the meal is always blocking uncomfortable. October 30 at the hospital, the doctor asked to do endoscopy, at that time still relatively exclusive, because doctors simply say a few words is to make various checks. Later endoscopy they did not do their own to the pharmacy to buy omeprazole. But what effect did not eat in the mother and wife again, "command" under, on November 3 in the morning to the hospital again. Went to the hospital may be the idea of ??holding a gastroscopy, the morning did not drink nor eat. This is linked to specialist clinics, experts who understand my situation said it might be gastritis, but let endoscopy say can be seen clearly point. If so, then do it! Open checklist, payments, line up!

Radiocarbon done first detection, the value is 35, no problem. After ten minutes a nurse into doing endoscopy, I see a person asked you not accompanied by any family? I said that I am a person, this time I realized that might be painful to do endoscopy than imagined. Gastroscopy whole process should last four or five minutes, which forty-five minutes really can not be expressed in words. Although surrounded by a nurse, but she just pressing your body so that you can not tamper with, because reflect spits out the juice flows down along the face, and no one to help you wipe, spit out the juice all over his face. Some of the older man across the bed endoscopy done after there is no way to walk, or go to push the wheelchair away. The reason may be young, although do it very painful, but after the end of the soon recovered. After the endoscopy results came out, from the description of the report and there is no problem, but the impression was written diagnosis "chronic gastritis"!

After the report showed the experts looked at, opened a two-week drug, famotidine, pudding trimetazidine maleate, aluminum-magnesium plus suspension. Even a chance to check the drug, it took five or six hundred dollars. Money is not the problem, the problem is two weeks after eating the drug did not improve, or after a meal feeling blocked. Has now been almost a month, I did not have to relieve the symptoms. Baidu and surrounding themselves by a friend, this afternoon went to the drugstore and took the mystery pull the wrong domperidone, look at the situation two weeks eat it!

"From August to October of books on her face," It is written on October 28, it is also sick that day, that is, from that day on, though her face, but still did not look at the book, all the time spent in a toss up. After the first toss NAS, Synology installed black, I feel there are a lot of features they need to use. And because the problem of remote access, they began to toss router, routing the very home of Brush, Brush was not enough, they bought a competing cloud bucket toss. This period also toss VPS, domain name, anyway, this month was full toss, kindle aside to eat ash!

I have often wondered what I did do, in the end which one is considered "down to business"? Is reading essays are written down to business, or want to toss toss things get down to business? Or take the mobile entertainment that they are down to business?

In the end how can it be "job" may not be the solution! Is revel, go with the flow, or do force myself to read it, confusion. . .

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