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Also talk about medicine!

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Life

The title originally wanted to write "also came to talk about ethics," but think of "ethics" is the word "too", could "play a bald monk shame." At the outset, today said something, not against the medical profession, just to talk about some of this career in shame. So, I urge doctors do not spray me!

This body has not been a good two weeks, it should be remembered on the 20th day weekend this month in his home country when he is not feeling too comfortable voice, the result of work on Monday when he appeared cold and cough symptoms. Ate three or four days of anti-inflammatory drugs and cold medicines do not see improvement on Thursday when bad cough, went to the district where the clinic hanging water. Need to return home because the home next weekend, so on Saturday when he hung in the town's hospital in the water. Three days are hanging cephalosporins and anti-viral medicine like Sunday, when no longer coughs, colds good, too.

Monday is when the body appeared a little situation. Monday noon after dinner canteens, obviously I feel there is something stuck in the throat where there was not too much feeling. Three in the afternoon when feeling particularly evident blocking, as long as the stomach child slightest exertion, has not yet digested food will spit out a little. That was just a little indigestion nothing, it does not in my heart. To this day the afternoon, not only feel that there is food blocking the throat, the chest is also muffled something stuck, the situation is more serious on Monday a bit. In his wife's command, this afternoon went to the county hospital.

Because before there on the Internet to do some homework, I think this is a digestive problem, so directly linked to the gastroenterology clinic director. Chief physician did not result in an outpatient Zuozhen, but in the endoscopy room. Went endoscopy room, sit at the entrance there are nearly twenty come sit gastroscopy excluded. After the man into the chamber chief physician at the patient endoscopy, waiting for the end to come to see me. The doctor asked me what the situation, I would simply say that from Monday noon meal have food stuck in his throat, and today feel severe chest also blocked. Doctors also do not wait for me to finish, the sentence would be "be a gastroscopy it!." I say that as you look at the experience is not indigestion or reflux esophagitis it? Doctors say look endoscopy to see clearly! The checklist was finished and went to do endoscopy patients under went, back and forth add up to the time did not work more than two minutes.

This reminds me of the beginning of the year, said the son of a headache every day and taken to the county hospital, is also apart from anything else to do checks, CT MRI do not, the result is no problem. He went to the Nanjing Children's Hospital, the same, the expert also did not wait for us to finish, the check list on a good start. Here and without a doctor's experience, but the hospital's machine.

God go with her husband when the Third Hospital of Changzhou, which happened to come across a patient's skin allergies. Since that time only seven in the morning, the patient is hung emergency, the results to the emergency room after her rescue was lying in bed, use a variety of inspection equipment on her body. I should be able to read made her electrocardiogram, blood pressure, pulse or something. Probably because I'm not a doctor, really I do not understand, skin allergies check these things do it!

Regardless of minor illnesses serious illness, just go to the hospital, giving the impression that the greatest variety of inspection. Sometimes people will say when chatting, when the good doctor now, the machine can be brought into medicine! You can not have medicine, but you could not do without the machine!

If you stand on the doctor's point of view to consider, and perhaps in order to more clearly understand the patient's condition before using the instrument it! After all, the instrument checks to see more direct!

Write this text does not denigrate the medical profession meaning, just a personal opinion, do not like do not spray

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