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Sad reminder of the ShuDudu essays move in mind

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Life

Note: Due to Tencent cloud moved temporarily for the record, ShuDudu essays temporary use spare domain: http: //

A few days ago, Mr. Chang also follow suit bought a 599 yuan three years of activity at the time of the cloud host Tencent cloud, configuration, although the low point, but ran several wordpress sites should be sufficient. I had intended to buy 1200 yuan for three years, but many bloggers are persuaded by that too wasteful, and eventually bought a 599.

As we all know, with the host country that must be filed, and now has been using the domain name suffix is ??ShuDudu blog org, org domain names as early as January 2018 not to record the start. No way, can only think of a more desirable option to re-COM domain name for the record do stop, but the delay is not desirable, but the host can not put that empty, so I decided to to move up the record using Tencent cloud , ShuDudu blog or the use of wandering cloud host does not move.

This morning the move bricklayer VPS cloud hosting and Tencent have to re-do the systems are installed pagoda panel, although the move bricklayer VPS configuration than I Tencent cloud configured to 2 times, but Tencent cloud in the country, pagoda panel installation when speed is very fast. 14:00 time to start tossing things moving.

The move is mainly to resolve the current Tencent cloud, data is moved to the ShuDudu essays on the move bricklayer VPS, domain name temporary use And other record after the success of the essays ShuDudu data to move back Tencent cloud.

Two in the afternoon when the multi-point move started because ShuDudu essay was also built soon, without much sense of safety when moving files and database sites are not backed up. It is precisely because of his negligence, sad reminder of what happened.

Because the theme of original essays ShuDudu spent three or four hours to modify, so the thinking must be preserved, it would be a whole pack stations, download, upload, extract, all in one, so even if the same thing more. Because the small number of files and no picture of this station, there is a total of sixty trillion. Wandering into the back panel of cloud, packaged, I do not know why, packed failed. Because I Select the file, this time do not know how, and point to the "delete", "bang when" a loud noise, all deleted files. SOS immediately wandering, the server does not know when the results of the backup node stuck, no backup. Finished, he spent modify the subject of several hours so no.

The midst of sadness, the database is still derived immediately through phpMyAdmin, and then import a success. Website re-download the file to a new wordpress it, installation is very smooth, but the back is still experiencing a few problems, but fortunately the problem is that these sites move frequently encountered, so Baidu also very easy to solve.

Now for a few questions about the list for your records:

1, background login prompt open site; later discovered, although I replaced the domain name in the database, but done a SSL digital certificate, then open automatically after the http added a S, so re-http and https have also been replaced, the perfect solution.

2 Home black and white; it is the most common, is the subject of questions into the background theme chosen to default wordpress theme, perfect solution.

3, website pseudo-static rules, wandering cloud hosting environment should be LAMP, and my move bricklayer is LNMP, different rules. Baidu rules LNMP operation is carried out or not, depressed. Thought of setting pagoda panel, the original pagoda panel comes with pseudo-static rule setting, the perfect solution after Baidu.

After a frustrating, close to the five-point considered completely buttoned. Now sent SSL certificates, and how free useful to recommend.

Tencent also apply afternoon on cloud background fabric for the record, the record is about to embark on the road, in case of do not understand, but please give guidance!

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