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3:09 in the morning

Thursday on April 16th, 2020Life

Hear the song "Seven Star Crags" feel at home, this is not my singing here?

3:00 more, I did not have any sleep, I know that once there is something, I am very spiritual, living and working all the time changing, it makes me a little difficult to follow, I know that I can not change left and right, as others say, the sky is falling down when the quilt cover, but this does not seem to calm me, I always think a lot, although I know that these ideas are unhelpful, or even just themselves entangled nothing.

I do not want to force myself to do things they do not like, but possible? You're just a pawn, handsome dare not listen to the command, alas!

At present, I have to do is accumulate energy, wait one day erupt, no matter how bitter reality, do not put their own self-esteem dropped.

Sleep, good night, this zombie world!

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