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My way easy language learning

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Life

I was first contacted blog later learned that the easy language for the first time to build blog should be around 2008, but know this easy language programming language should be after 2010. Vaguely remember that is because the site needs to use a gadget, this time I recommend wandering Chinese programming software can write this gadget, I began my Louis language learning. Then I know when I will be surprised this software, would have such a pure Chinese characters programming software, you know, before I learned the language easy to learn C language for some time, but suffer from their 0-based English level those commands what is rote. Although dead for some time to learn, but gave up!

I just do such a character, identify the things you like, it is worth the cost down. After contact with easy language, in a forum organized a few hundred dollars spent most of a lifetime VIP, buy the dongle genuine and so on. In 2015, when the purple show sign of lifelong learning classes, at that time tuition is 30,000 yuan. "I came to buy reputation! "I wrote this detailed description. Down payment is 5,000 yuan, 25,000 yuan of tuition and later followed him to do the project can make money to offset tuition. But probably because he was "busy" or other reasons, do not open up the class, but the first phase of 5,000 dollars tuition back to me! not bad!

Although the investment of two or three thousand dollars of tuition fees, but did not invest much time. At that time should also be the wrong direction, most of the time there is a bubble forum but did not stop to learn. Another is a waste of time I had a easy language aspects blog "Friends of programming" At that time twenty-three blog, but also easy language to learn, and aspects of the work day, family life, etc., it is difficult to apply again and again the time to learn!

Under another reason he did not learn of the summary should not have found the right direction! I summed up the easy language to learn a lot of direction, such as databases, the network aspects, erp software, and so on. And I learned today that this, tomorrow learn that, in the end not learn anything! So, I want to learn easy language it must have a direction of the target.

In fact, I said so much of the above reasons, that is, to find a pretext for their own stupid! Originally I thought I would have some small success in easy language aspects, but I did not really want it, their own stupid, keep up the rhythm. Because those, so if, then this cycle, that cycle, this jump, the jump. . . . Going around about their own do not know the truck up!

Easy language to learn, but also earned a little back charge! In 2014, in a QQ trading forum to see someone reselling cool dog trumpet, and I studied for some time, I found that time is not cool dog login verification code, wrote a number of software sweep cool dog, sell to the man. The next day in the cool dog on the official added code to log on, I toss a few days to learn the code recognition. Cool dog official yet another code change, I toss to identify. Money selling software be easy to pay the original language tuition and dongle money back!

There are already more than a year did not touch the easy language, and not ready to learn and easy language, and a little time to pick up my kindle to see book club! Language can be easy to say goodbye!

There are pieces here easy language busy dogs, led by the nose can be cheap!

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