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I know of drink of

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Life

Dad often tell the story of my childhood and wine, I can not walk in a child when my grandfather was holding at the time of rice with chopsticks touched alcohol in food. At that time you may already have drinker. I remember myself, at the age of 6 when parents may also want to drink yourself to drink. Once drunk, others pick swine trees (a plant) in a cornfield, while he slept in a wheat field in the afternoon. That is probably the time, do not drink it.

After work, natural and ultimately entertaining drinking, once a month or two in a row at home is not eaten in the dinner. Drinker also ranked four kings in the unit. When the exchange of experience between the unit and the unit Doujiu, I naturally became the main force. Gradually, she had alcohol addiction, is his own day weekend at home, will drink three hundred forty-two, then sleep for an afternoon, I feel super cool.

2011 National Day, units of the organization experience. The results others forty or fifty years of age I have some problems, others no problems I have had. High blood pressure, alcohol liver disease, fatty liver. . . . . . It is undeniable that there are a certain relationship with wine. Nervous, I get up every morning to run, nor is it has been sitting in the office every day no more. But dependence on alcohol is still there, although remember their alcohol-related problems, but when put that glass, do not drink more than one sixty-two feeling is uncomfortable. There is one reason, always feel someone else's drink will sweep Hing. It may be some people's word for it drink beverages, drink hurt feelings.

Some time ago, because the blood pressure again, wine regarded quit nearly two weeks. In these two weeks, and I did not feel that because you do not drink and Xing sweep someone else's, others drink the whole day. Also did not because you do not drink, drink less and others.

I remember a friend of mine said, eat and drink is a blessing. Drink here is obviously to drink, when you drink a day can not, or can not eat, they must be identity out what went wrong.

Of course, in this regard I can not eat and drink their own loss, but not because of whom the feelings away. Without you to turn the same turn, did not you people drink. let it go! The summary sentence, all for the sake of your body.

This title is going to be called knowledge of wine culture, then I thought, I feel this is too esoteric wine culture, so on a whim.

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