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Gulin characteristic flavor Crispy sauerkraut Ti Hua

Thursday on February 6th, 2020Life

Gulin went to, every time this place is because of the need to work, this time the end of the year, and down about the whole branch support.

Gulin is a county under the jurisdiction of Luzhou City, Sichuan Province, has a "red mark" Most people know that the Red Army Siduchishui, so know this place Chishui, Guizhou, but crossing the Red River are still a matter intake are based on ancient Lin as a springboard to a left crossing points from Chishui City of Guizhou thick yuan, Xishui Tucheng and other places, in the right column to enter the three-way Gulin Vitex shop dam, with music (now Yongle town) Sun Xiangjiaba and crossing the Pacific (now the town of Taiping town), two crossing into the Guizhou Xishui crossing the Pacific from Gulin, Jiro Beach and other places, the three ferry from Guizhou Maotai town Renhuai into the water Gulin town Tianfu village and nine-Pa , Osmanthus town white Liangcun, Shibao town, village and other places, four cross again from Gulin Pacific crossing, Jiro Beach into the Xishui, Guizhou, every once crossed the Chishui River, or enter Gulin, either from Gulin out, so Gulin, witnessed the whole process of the Red Army crossed the Chishui River four times.

As a native of Luzhou people, but also as a food goods, Gulin not only distinctive red tourism, but also more and more to eat and drink, they are more familiar brands of liquor: "Langjiu" "wine lake" are native to Gulin, and Chishui River Maotai is a brewing water source, so the birthplace of Chinese wine "Maotai" just this one, and saying Maotai "Maotai top three." In addition to wine and "A Bite of China" introduced "Gulin spicy chicken," there are still radish, chili, etc. Hu.

As a food goods, tonight I am a person to seek food, and did not go looking for food that looks very formal restaurant, but went to a street stall, and I think that is the authentic local flavor - "Crispy Ti Hua sauerkraut. "

In fact, I have heard colleagues talk about the food, the people Gulin supper as an indispensable part of life, so tonight I eat a small pot, but also a lot of components, Figure, two pig. I feel listening taste very good to eat, but can not eat, president of fat, pig whole root should be boiled after the first secret, fry crisp skin, then use the local pickled cabbage and bean sprouts, tomato pot cook together, they melt into the flavor of pickled pig's feet, and will not feel tired, and accompanied by "Hu spicy shell" called our local chili dip, and then put some foam ginger oil, ah, Pakistan proper, of course, there have with vegetables, meat after it is cut with a greasy, always feel like eating a small pot, like, ha ha.

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