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Winter Solstice new toy stone cleaning robot T65

Thursday on February 6th, 2020Life

Today Lunar round solar terms in the "winter solstice" belated Happy Winter Solstice everyone!

Although today is the winter solstice, get up in the morning gave both sides No parents called and greetings today to ask where to go or eat anything ah sun ah play ah, the family reunion this, but I have to go to work tomorrow, then I can not go back.

We place a "winter solstice" tradition is to eat "mutton soup," and some other places to eat, "dumplings", you do not know where the tradition is what? Tonight a man, eat ribs stewed radish satisfy desires, do not eat lamb (mainly poor, can not afford to eat meat, ha ha).

Today, to a toy - "stone cleaning robot T65."

In fact, I want to buy a cleaning robot quite a long time, and last week, my wife finally approved, so today finally have here ?? applause. The first time that the cleaning robot brands are Irobot, this is an American brand, we wanted to have at that time, but since that time, the purse is flat, have not been realized, have appeared in the back of domestic millet cleaning robot, hot stone sweeping machine, sweeping Cobos robots and other brands, have their own advantages of it, the biggest advantage is irobot.

Prior to this purchase, we are still doing some homework, and ultimately chose the stone. There are three reasons:

1. One is solid materials, are international big names;

2. The second is quite good reputation, low failure rate;

3. The third is home smart meter communication systems, and at home can be a good intelligent home integration;

The purchase is to buy in Jingdong, out of the end of activity, 2599 m to buy, buy the package version, send one year of parts and a small degree of intelligence speakers, fairly cost-effective. Electronic products and home appliances and the like, has been like Jingdong Suning or buy, a security, a fast speed!

First out of the box look, double the quality of packaging, the outside is a layer of cardboard, which is a layer of cardboard, very solid, basic will not be damaged during transport; clang clang clang out of the box, which has a cleaning robot charging post, flap, washable mop two, a water tank, a one-time disposable mop ten, a power line, two filters, a dust box, a roller brush, brush sweeping three.

Accessories are complete, this is very Nice, conscience.

On power-up, connection wifi, Jia Rumi intelligent home systems, to sentence password: Little love the students, began sweeping.

Is still sweeping in fact, its feeling quite clean route planning, Hou Leida started to turn a few laps, then began to sweep along the wall, then Z-shaped intermediate cleaning, etc. After several days of use, write one of your own cleaning robot the opinion of!

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