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From Jiujiang gift.

Sunday on February 9th, 2020Life

I am very unexpectedly got a parcel from Jiujiang, a friend to the local specialty courier, talking about this friend, also met online, but for many years to know, more than five years now, and sometimes friendships is very simple, able to talk , it is OK.

Speaking of this matter, we need to do from their own ROMER's start, 14 years when his own first Android phone, MOTO Princess Diana, but then known as the "God Machine" exists, then is the legendary Brush beginning, that when we read the university in addition to the normal school, play, most of the time is visiting the major mobile phone forum, then XDA \ ING \ Protoss and so forth, slowly began to try to brush machine, and later self-study compiled ROM, change apk, add functionality, and brought forth fruit machine to play with a lot of small partners, including specialty send me a friend from Jiujiang, but then engaged with a lot of models, and then at dawn XDA AZ atx is the ROM group I do not know now the forum has not left my work and ROMER special badge. At that time need not worry about cell phone use entirely, forums and major mobile phone manufacturers will send you the phone and let you make ROM, increase popularity, to send open invitations issued, round-trip airfare and accommodation reimbursement, or very cool, most of the time , my hands have 11 mobile phones, all manufacturers and to the forum.

Therefore, the distance friendships can not resist. This year the old iron honeymoon after marriage are a young married woman with a circle around me to play here for two days, it was the wine and song, life geometry of.

Recall then toss in the forum, or very enjoyably, when we engage in Waiting List machine, and some now engaged with, but most of them are like me, to start this sub-life. Snow White, the big stars, hrbnba11, ax0817 and so then we all, every day the group twitter, now dawn of the group are sink to the bottom, and a year do not see one or two sentences.

Friend to the courier tea cakes, lees fish, tea mushroom, orange cake, bean curd skin, there is a Shiershan cakes, stone fish cakes, thanks!

Luzhou to play next time, we'll toast wine and song.

Finally, we show how lighting control at home, look for opportunities to draw time is how to write your own transformation.

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