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Double Twelve purchase holiday this year

Wednesday on February 12th, 2020Life

Haha, but also didodecyl year, last night, you have to buy what?

Stay up late, I bought the furniture!

For a new house, a lot of trouble ??, yesterday afternoon saw an afternoon Taobao, just to buy several for home decoration style furniture.

In fact, that simple and simple decoration, said the complex and complicated, to see everyone how loaded it, in my mind, the house is packed to give their own lives, so fine points of life, nothing bad!

"Lin Wood" brand how should I say this, I personally feel very suitable for young people, this house here last year, the furniture is bought here, as a decoration person, so the design of the popular styles and colors are more sensitive care, Lin Wood brand design brand tend to be younger, mostly Ikea Nordic style is to meet xiaonianqing taste and quality of their products is still very good, under the basic line second-tier cities have stores, this is next benefit is that you can actually read the lines to buy online, online and offline a price, good good!

Yesterday afternoon, the large pieces of furniture for the home, is properly properly stroll one afternoon Taobao election ah ah election, therefore, do not underestimate the soft mix of a sofa in a different shape one of the color, the effect is presented very different, what is "complement each other", that is just right in harmony!

The decoration to the later stages, if they have less understanding of soft decoration, we must ask ourselves how the designers have to fight, how to choose those colors, it's best to send the designer style to the next reference, not "me Do you think you can, but I think we can be "neither fish nor fowl that may Dachu, you have to feel like the whole environment and get on with the job.

Metropolitan design company should have better point, basically (3 + 1) mode, three designers docking a client, are two hard-mounted designer + loaded with a soft division, but we like this small city , a designer buttoned all, but most are only responsible for your hard-mounted design, you do not ask software installed on Over.

Finally, I still have to get down to enjoy victories, this is to pick a whole afternoon, in order to have a unified style, dress style and hard to match, here select "Lin Wood" FC series, Hey, FC, see tonight Autumn Mountain !

"Sofa", "table", "TV table" "Chest of Drawers" "dinette" "main bed" "nightstand" "bed time" "single seat" "dresser"

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