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I bought a home air purifier 3 meters

Wednesday on February 12th, 2020Life

In this two-day visit Suning to buy a new house appliances those things, anyway, nothing to go out and see above, multi-line and accidentally had a "3-meter home air purifier."

He said both online and in-store to buy home appliances buy home appliances experience.

In fact, I have been purchased online from beginning to buy white goods, rarely go to the store to buy, it has been a "dog East" and "big cat face" two own shops to compare and select products, razor trail net are selected kettle, rice cooker, large televisions, refrigerators, washing machines and other shopping.

Some reasons for choosing online shopping are:

1. There store at Suning, jingdong line;

2. not have to run around the store product knowledge and contrast;

3. The online and offline product of the same manufacturer is the same brand of the same quality in the same sale;

4. The installation, sale basically completed by the manufacturers;

5. cheaper online than offline really, save money, but also with coupons;

6. VIP service can be purchased online and enjoy the benefits of more than one step quick step and after-sale;

7. bought so many years, there has never been a problem (maybe good luck);

8. The shipping, delivery, installation time may be freely selected;

Title crooked, Back to the topic "home air purifier 3 meters." This is the reason to buy, really cheap wool line and the feeling of no longer cheap time, then start with. There is also a home air purifier, is Honeywell's purchase of KJ305F 18 years, one year, two filter change, but also good, originally was not going to buy a new, empty net, but this Mi times price indeed compared to the force, after the events, coupons, down 748 won, I was SUPER members will return cloud drilled nearly 1600, equivalent to 16, so, doing about 730, still very good to be true.

Under the single last night, today at noon, but our dog here and the East as long as the big cat face self-things that are next day to, express delivery efficiency is so good. Greatly on a large kraft paper boxes, a front and rear intermediate purifier is patterned, the upper right corner logo home millet and rice, the bottom of several characters written: Mi air cleaner 3, the side of the net is empty stickers parameters; open boxes, take the crash foam, is the protagonist.

As the afternoon to go to work, so simple to use test it, torn screen protective film, installed filters, plug in the power, follow the prompts to access Mi APP, PM2.5 and you can see the temperature and humidity at home, PM2.5 shows about 94, with the air detector detects previously purchased, value or less, forget air shot data detector, and prove quite ready, 94 belonging to pollution, so the machine automatically The wind increased purification.

Because back to work, simply to test the automatic mode, sleep mode, the noise, the sleep mode in three 3-speed mode mode I think the most OK, basically can not hear the fan noise, the automatic mode will be adjusted according to the air quality situation at home fan speed, so the sound is determined by the home air quality, 3 is the block has a great voice.

Then a color value, Mi stuff, color values ??are not too bad, so this is relatively empty net 3 no good, just put there will not feel awkward.

Finally, with regard to formaldehyde purify this, I believe there must be a certain role, the specification is 60 square meters/h, but still more windows open for ventilation it!

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